R.I.P. Louis Zamperini

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    There is a movie coming depicting his life and service.
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    "Unbroken" is an excellent book, written by the same woman who wrote "Seabiscuit".
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  5. Rip. Thanks for the link. It opened my eyes to a new hero. God bless
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    I read an article yesterday with a quote from him. He lived a full life and got a perk at the end. Lol.

    "And now, after the book was finished, all of my college buddies are dead, all of my war buddies are dead. It's sad to realize that you've lost all your friends," he said. "But I think I made up for it. I made a new friend — Angelina Jolie. And the gal really loves me. She hugs me and kisses me, so I can't complain."
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    Agreed, I think it was you who recommended it to me. Left me with a serious dislike of the Japanese tho....
    Sadistic SOBs.
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    Some of the Japanese.

    My dad said when they were gathering them up at the end of the war when he was docked in the Philippines that a lot of them were just scared kids like he was. They'd talk and some knew English quite well. They would ask where my father was from and to keep it to a place they would know he replied Chicago. "Aah! Al Capone!" as they'd smile and make machine gun noises.