Forcing the Unions to fight fascism.

I mean if you want to be an annoying scab you can use the rights afforded to you by CWA v. Beck and "right to work" legislation if you're in one of the states that has it. But it's going to make you an annoying scab so is it really worth the hundred bucks or whatever you get out of it after all the phone calls and emails?
28 Right to Work states. If only %45 of those excersize those, the Teamsters would go bankrupt. Annoying scab or not.
I'm totally fine with wearing masks. i got some outrun masks, i got a piet mondrian mask, starry night, tron, the shining, social distortion, pixies, ratatat, penguins, sloth, snowman, guy fawkes, handlebar mustache, more i can't think of right now. I like with vaccines, i think they're the one of the greatest things ever. i got my shot as soon as possible on march 7th, i like the MMR vaccine and the smallpox one. i got the HPV vaccine long time ago because i don't want to give HPV to any women i have sex with. if booster shots become a thing i'm down for that too. and because kids can't yet get vaccinated i'm pretty pissed at all these jerks not taking precautions for their freedumbs. covid has already started afflicting kids bad enough that they're needing to go to the hospital. this winter may be very likely to be horrific with lots of kids getting sick with covid. this "fascism" you speak of, of wearing masks or getting vaccines, i don't think that that's what fascism is but if it is, then i'm a fascist! and you've been living in a so called "fascist" country your whole life, in 1905 the supreme court ruled in jacobson v massachusetts that the state can make vaccination compulsory, if you don't like it GTFO of the USA. go live in somalia or afghanistan or where ever it is that like everyone is vaccinated against nothing.
The obedient always believe that they are virtuous.


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Do you think the federal government collects more tax from California or West Virginia? This isn't hard.

And the fact you think it is somehow virtuous to threaten the union with bankruptcy because you can't wear a mask is just totally idiotic. I have my quarrels with some union decisions too, but how much do you think you're getting paid without a collectively bargained contract? How much money do you think UPS would contribute to the pension?

I mean if you have the big a dilemma you can always work someplace else, right?