Ragan's car collection now includes UPS crown jewel

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    Ragan's car collection now includes UPS crown jewel - NASCAR.com

    Last December, Ragan's dad, Ken, gave his son a Christmas/birthday gift that's become a crown jewel in Ragan's car collection: a 1938 UPS package delivery vehicle.

    "It's pretty rare to have a vintage package car in this nice of condition," Ragan said proudly. "It's not a typical body style, it's really one of a kind. We get out, ride in it every now and then and like to show it off."
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    First thing that comes to my mind is:

    did Ragan's dad just happen to have a 1938 PC sitting around the house?
  3. scratch

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    "No seatbelt". I figured hes a runner..........
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    Now, only if he would win races. If he was a package driver, he would be constantly be pulled into the office for being "over allowed".
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    Hmm...CORPORATE BROWN CAFE MONITORS! Is this legal? Maybe I can get ahold of an old UPS tractor, restore it and drive it around? Naw! When I'm done with this gig, I don't want nuttin but my pension check.
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    The company doesn't care what is and isn't legal.
    The company is above the laws that apply to everyone else. This applies to:
    -overweight loads
    -employment practices of hiring, retaining and promoting the various types of human beings
    -blatant violations of a mutually agreed upon legal labor contract

    .....need I continue?
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    Please do. You are very entertaining. :wink2: