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    Hi all I am putting this here also as it isn't getting much attention in the labor boards,i I just got hired on permanently this past Friday after working seasonal for 3 months, I am a little confused about raises I have read the NMA and I know that I am still in progression after Aug. 1 does this mean I will only get the .50 raises for the life of the contract or just until I get to seniority, thanks a lot guys. Also I am in 710 so anybody there could provide the most help I am sure, I am inside pt unload thanks.
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    Nice to see you backing a political party that supports labor...

    Oh wait
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    Was that post really necessary?:whiteflag:
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    no but people have said things like that ever since I got the avatar yesterday
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    It's a great avatar, leave him alone!
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    THX Over!
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    How do you know its a him? It could be palins daughter looking for some medical benefits to cover her childcare expenses! HA
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    Are you referring to me red because I am most definitely a man. Also I would really appreciate if someone could help me out and stop talking about my avatar.
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    Personally, I think they are both great avatars.
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