Re-Entering Labor Union after going to Management

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by NewSup, Dec 13, 2006.

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    Hi. I was recently "promoted" to become a PT Supervisor after spending 7 months as an unloader. I am in college right now working towards a finance degree, so I thought the best choice for my career was to become a PT sup. I was wrong. I was very happy with my job as an unloader, I was a very hard worker, got along great with my PT and FT sups, and loved the benefits and money for school. However, I made a HUGE mistake by going into this hell-fest.

    My first 3 days were spent watching a sup for a load pad who had no interest in training me do his job, then after that I was on my own. No training, no feedback, and it was nearly impossible to get any help from my overworked fulltimer. A month into this I find myself looking happily upon lower paying jobs with less benefits.

    Is there anyway to re-enter the union after going to management? I don't want to ask my fulltimer as it'll probably look pretty bad on me.
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    My understanding 2 1/2 years ago when I was considering a p/t position in management was you'd have to quit and be re-hired. The opinion is pretty mixed on here about getting re-hired. If its the same building and shift...probably not.
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    Ask the center manager the local policy. I was pt sup and when I left they told me it is almost imposssible to go back to hourly. I did, though. But it was because I did it for a year and a half and had a spotless record.
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    Take it from someone who's done it, you'd have to quit and be rehired, and I don't even know that's how it goes. I was like you: a damn good worker, enjoying the job and in college. Got promoted. I didn't mind the supervising job. It was gooid pay and good benefits for a college student, but I was offered another job that I felt I couldn't turn down. Well, that job didn't work out, so I came crawling back. They rehired me, and from what I heard my full-time supervisor went through hell to make sure I was in unload. So, here I am. Now trying to go back into supervising. I've had some people tell me, I was supposed to be rehired as a supervisor, as the official rule is you can not go back to being an hourly. Although HR and management assures me I'm where I'm supposed to be.

    I do recall from the first time I was promoted that you have a 2 week window to step down if you wish to, and you'd be allowed to go back to being an hourly, but I guess you're passed that, eh?

    Talk with HR. Maybe you could see about being rehired.
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    "Although HR and management assures me I'm where I'm supposed to be.".

    Do you think they could be any more condescending?

    I'm surprised they didn't force you to get a scarlet letter (of their choosing) tattooed on your forehead to show everyone that you have broken ranks with the elite.
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    well said sir
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    for future pt sups: ask this question in your panel interview. i know i will next month...
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    while you're at the panel, be sure to impress them with your intelligence, vocabulary and omnipotence.:thumbup1:
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    i will rule the hub with an iron fist and i will crush the ants that are my employees :wink:
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    I don't know what UPS says or offers most of these new kids but they seem to think being a supervisor is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Supervision is not for everybody, but it seems UPS does not care, I have seen people become supervisors after only a few months of working, what could you possibly learn about the operations in a few months? Most supervisors work anyway, so I guess they got a slight raise don't have to pay union dues and have no job security, hey, if that's your cup of tea then I say go for it.. And by the way I am not in management and this is only my opinion, please do not come attacking me please, I've been there for 18 years and have seen a lot.. To answer your question, part time sups can become full time drivers...