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    All upsters-I was in Borders book store today and noticed the book What Brown Did To Me,I purchased it and read it,it was written by a retired ups feeder driver from upstate NY,he must have got legal advice before it was published,alot of names and alot of ups management mistakes,extremly interesting and contraversical,I hope he has a good lawyer if ups takes him to court.:thumbup1:
  2. toonertoo

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    I cant wait to get it, and you and I will probaly get the only copies before its pulled from the shelves!
  3. chev

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    Can you give us the authors name? I can't seem to pull it up on the Borders or Amazon websites. Would love to give this a read. Thanks. :wink:
  4. toonertoo

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    Chev, I couldnt either. Im not one to browse a book store, it would be an interesting read though.
  5. diadlover

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    There is no book at Borders. This guy is constantly making s--- up.
  6. hoser

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    What, sue him for publishing his own opinions into the operation of a company? I thought we live in a democracy.
  7. over9five

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    Am I wrong, or was this book on the BrownCafe front page a while back? It's not there now, a different book is.
  8. over9five

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    Do you mean this:

    Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS by Greg Niemann

    : Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS: Books: Greg Niemann
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    You are talking about 2 different books here. The Greg Neimann book isn't out yet. I have it pre-ordered on Amazon.
  10. sendagain

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    I hope he has room in his garage for all the copies he will never sell. Find a better way to spend your money folks.
  11. Jones

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    Which book are you refering to? I thought the Greg Neimann one looked interesting.
  12. sendagain

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    Okay, so maybe the guy sells a few copies, but this isn't going to get even a yawn from the insider scoop lovers. A few hundred disgruntled guys go out there and buy it perhaps, but I say "don't quit your day job." If he makes enough to equal what he made in one year as a driver, I'd be surprised.
  13. CTOTH

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    The publisher fronts the money and gives the author an advance. This dude already made money on it. Even if it doesn't sell, he can buy even more UPS stock.
  14. traveler

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    That use to be true all the time but a publisher would only front the money if he was assured a good profit. Also, an advance is usually given only to proven authors. Nowadays a person can inexpensively publish on his own which entails fronting ones own money. Somehow, I feel the latter may be true in this case
  15. scratch

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    Your post is correct. Anybody can self-publish a book for five hundred dollars, my wife has wrote one about her Faith. You get listed on Amazon and, but your chances of writing a best seller is about like winning the Lottery. You have to spend a lot of extra money to have it publicized. There are over two hundred thousand books published every year, lots of competition out there. My wife gets $1.50 a book for anything sold on line. The author of "Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS" used to be the Editor of "The Big Idea", a former UPS magazine we used to get, he should have a lot of good inside stories of the company.
  16. chev

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    Cool. Thanks for the info. Sounds to me like it would be an interesting read. :thumbup1:
  17. any122

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    The last I new we where a REPUBLIC !:thumbup1:
  18. traveler

    traveler Where next? Venice

    Wow, very few people actually realize that we do NOT live in a democracy. The USA is a representative republic. That's why we have an electoral college and the president is not elected by a pure majority. If majority ruled, the largest eight states which have more than half the population of the entire country would have the power to elect anyone without regard to the remainder of the country. As a side note, about 75% of those states population are in blue states!
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    Incorrect - unless the author is a BIG name the author will have to put $$ up front to have a book published, usually an author has to get 100,000 copies printed to bring the costs down to a somewhat bearable cost. PLUS you have to cough up money if you want an online store like to put the title on their front page.

    A friend of mine wrote a very good children's book and that's long strange trip he had to take - he's currently in the hole for about 30 grand.