Ready or not, here they go!..UPS warns on profit after gift delivery chaos – CNN

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    This is how I imagine the video presentation will start... As you know, this Peak was the busiest one in UPS history. We broke volume records in almost every category. So many of you went where ever UPS needed you to, and it made a difference. We appreciate all your hard work, don't think that it goes unnoticed. However, we failed to meet all of our goals.....
    Feel free to add on.:ashamed:
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    And in the graciousness that is somewhere deep in our hearts we are going to give you 1.4.
    It's way beyond what you deserve but one of our "partnerz" committed suicide and we fired a couple more so here goes.
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    You're all worthless and weak….
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    But we have more than 3 options.
    Go deliver some packages.
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    When we will UPSers realize this is no longer the UPS of the 80's and 90's? When management went anywhere and everywhere at the drop of a hat, with no questions asked, as we knew the "partnership" would take care of us with meaningful MIP/salary increases/promotions. In today's UPS we are "told" a position has been eliminated and it is now your responsibility to do your job and the eliminated job. However, with no increase, no promotion, lousy MIP, and more than likely a "needs improvement" on the QPR. When will the partners start saying "no" and put some pressure on the executives of this company who only want to cut with no regard to the lower levels of management? As long as we continue to say "yes" there will never be any meaningful changes to how the lower levels of management are treated. Sorry, almost forgot, we did receive a very nice video message telling us what a great job we did during peak. That will certainly help with the increased prices I have to pay these days for gas, electricity, water, food, etc.
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    What I saw was a general lack of leadership at UPS over the last few years with absolutely no inspiration coming from above ... just threats and numbers. The accountants run the company and the lack of the leadership gene is the one personality trait that pervades accountants. There are a few but they are far between.
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    The management people who care about the company at the center level and lower(my experience) get beat down so much that if they care about service, they are burdened with a workload that cannot be accomplished. So it is easier to make the numbers look good to their superiors, and not care about the rest. I have seen the best sups/managers quit because of this.
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    How about this: Because of public disappointment, we will not reward you accordingly, (even though we made profit). We will also increase the time you will get your fifth vacation from 20 years to 25. Increases if any will decrease 15%, but rest assure we recognize your hard work during a tough peak.. and you get to keep your job.
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    I'm going to need everyone to recite the 10 point commentary, and the 5 seeing habits. Lol lol.
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    I see the following "enhancements " . 2 regions eliminated....7 districts eliminated. 2 age group buy-outs...ages 55 to 59 and for the dinos over 60 years old then raising the early retirement age to 59... cease holding back the captive stock when a person retires or quits/fired. maximum of 4 weeks vacation . supervisors punching a time clock and not getting mip . Its a new company operating like a new public company. The loyalty and bonds that once went up. down and across go one only one way now. The important thing is for the stock to gain above inflation every year and for the dividends to gain increase every year.
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    UPS would lose money if management folks used a time-clock!
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    I lost my enthusiasm years ago.
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    It took me awhile but after the tenth "enhancement", I begin to accept the new UPS.
    I remember it feeling like a family member died!
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    How long ago was that?
  15. Monkey Butt

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    Around 2004 - 2005.
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    The joke

    Your head

    That's a movie reference. Animal House, if I'm not mistaken.

    For your convenience, I think the parallels are interesting.
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