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    so I just got off the phone with cvs caremark no are scripts did not transfer so we all need to go to are doctors and get a new script for 90 day supplies. I told them the video said they would get it transferred for us and she just laughed good god.
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    Thank you yes voters
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    We had to go onto the cvs sight and register our meds. They then needed to verify with our doctors, which they did directly, and now our meds have all arrived. Bit of a hassle to start, but maybe things will work out from here in out.
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    Where you find one lie, you will often find a lot more.

    Never trust a lier.
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    I had zero problems.

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    Yup. I was a no voter. Besides the $20 bucks in copays at doctors and my first $5 for a prescription I have no complaints. I went to cvs Caremark website. Signed up. Clicked on my prescription that was in there since I had It filled at rite aid once. They contacted my doctor, bam! 90 day supply came in mail. $0. Still concessions but could be worse.
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    Or a bad speller!

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    You are welcome. Happy I could help.
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    Someone has to do maintenance on these things.
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    Is that like
    Blue cross blue subway?
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    Something like it, yes
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    Could someone translate the OP into something close to readable English???
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    I could, but why?

    He's :censored2: cause we have Tramcare. Trams and mass transit are better for the environment anyway, right?
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    Short version: TEAMCARE sux
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  18. You have to get your Percocet and Xanax in a ninety day supply as well as the Zoloft.
  19. You have private insurance, why do you care?

    File early, file often.
  20. My wife had refills still available at Rite-aid. She called teamcare and they said continue to fill them there. The pharmacist told me that they would fill them at the same price that CVS would, and practically begged us to stay with them. Scripts were $5 a pop.

    File early, file often.