Receiving driver pay working local sort - Question (Houston, TX)

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    I am curious if anyone can give me a clear answer (I have received different answers from union reps...So you can imagine I am frustrated) in regards to receiving driver pay while working unskilled local sort, or pre-load. I know if you get a driver punch you do get driver pay while working the non-driving shifts. My question is the timing of driver pay eligibility. I have been told two different things.

    1. After receiving a driver punch, a combination of your last/next 7 days are eligible for Driver pay. Even a day or two before you actually got the driving punch, they back pay those days you worked local sort. (This seems to be what other drivers in the same position as me say is how it works, from their experience, and paychecks)

    2. You can receive driver pay for working local sort ONLY after you get driver punch. So If I drove on Friday, I wouldn’t benefit, since the work week is over. Even if I worked local sort all week, so THEY dont back pay those hours (so it would be beneficial to get a driver punch on Monday)

    I have received driver pay for working preload before, I just would like a definitive answer on how it works, as to maximize my money. Since seems I can never get an answer (let alone time of day) from a sup, or god forbid HR actually answers a call.

    I call my local, and I got different answers, and neither could tell me where it staes this in the contract....soooooooo frustrating.........

    I am sorry for the poorly written questions.

    Thanks in advance

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    The union in Texas is a JOKE
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    After taking a cursory look at your Southern Region Supplemental language,

    it sounds like you are getting into the area of layoff language.

    "An employee on a layoff (lasting less than seven (7) days) shall receive their regular wages and benefits."

    Article 48 Section 5

    Your sups, or HR, are not going to be of any help on the contract language.

    And since I am not aware of Panel or Arbitration decisions (or have access to)

    in your area, the best thing to do is file a grievance.

    That's not what the voting totals suggest.

    Local 657 had the highest voting % in the state of Texas @ 41.47%

    The Southern Region Supplement voted "yes" with only 39.53% participation.

    The problem.... seems to be the members, not the Union.

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    that doesnt answer my question on how the pay works once you recieve a driver punch for that week. I am full time driver ,yet I havent driven sice february, they never call me to drive...way down on sen list. Now i drove once this week, so I want ot know for how can i work preload to recieve driver pay
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    While working inside you get drivers pay until you've worked seven days in a row. Then you'll get paid inside rate based on your compay seniority as if you'd never became a driver. Once you drive again it resets back to driver pay until you've worked inside seven days in a row again.
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    Really? In our supplement you get paid driver pay when you work local sort regardless of how long and when you drove last.
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    It's all a joke.
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    There's weak/better language in every supplement.
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    Lucky. I wish I could grieve pay to get my driver rate for all past time worked.

    I’m a ‘TCD’ and if I’m not driving and they absolutely need help with local sort they only code us TCDs as inside and pay PT inside rate.

    Only way we’d get driver rate was if we did at least 1 hour of driving/pickups prior to helping.

    The last building manager ‘forced’ TCDs to work in the building on days not driving and threatened disqualification. Really sucked to waste $15 round trip in fuel/wear to make $40-$50 before tax.

    Interviewing for a driver position making $18.75 to start then being ‘forced’ to make inside rate at $10-$11/hr even after 30 day mandatory qualifying inside and 30 day driver qualifying sucks/sucked.

    I emailed the local and got 2 stewards involved and it seemed about useless as it got to the point they said company would move for termination eventually if we didn’t work.

    BA did say that we shouldn’t be being forced and they should be using drivers that are done with their route for the day based on seniority as lower guys finish to take over.

    We just wanted to know weekly punch/work requirements to maintain benefits.
  10. You out of sweetwater mykawa or staffered?
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    Here in nc we get driver pay to wrk on the belt