Reg temp pay to f/t, new contract 3 or 4 yr progression.

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    I have had a hard time trying to find an answer to this. My steward isn't for sure and I don't know who else to ask. First of all I have been a reg temp a little over 2 years with my 30 day qualification in. I was awarded a full time driving job and my seniority date is at the end of September.

    -Since we are under a contract extension, will I fall under the 3 year progression or will I have a 4 year progression? Essentially there is no new contract so I should fall under the extension, but I feel this wont be the case

    -My pay was 21.13 as a reg temp. (This is based of 75% of the top rate in 2008). The new contract says the same thing. So 75% of 32.99 (8/1/13 top rate) is $24.74. So when the new contract goes in my pay should bump to $24.74, correct?

    -Since August 1st, I have driven almost every day. Will I actually get a retro check for the difference? $3.61 an hr is going to really add up.

    Hopefully that makes sense, and someone can help.
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    Can't have it both ways. You will not get higher pay and a shorter progression. It will be one or the other.
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    You are under the 4 yr progression.
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    That is an interesting one. The contract hasn't officially between ratified yet but when it is it will be retro to August. Interesting situation. Call your local.
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    I had a BA say I will be under the 4.. I just don't get it, I understand everything will go "back" but as of right now there is no new contract, we are under an extension. I was f/t during the extension.
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    It's 4 years. I have had this argument with stewards and BA. They say that all economic issues are retroactive to August. I said ok so I should be able to file for triple time on 9.5 now and ill just get it with my back pay. No no that's not how it works. Makes no sense to me but not much we can do.
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    2 questions:
    1. Did the vote on the National Master Agreement result in a majority of ballots cast in the affirmative?
    2. Where is the (new) 4 year wage progression listed? The NMA or the supplements/riders?