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    upon receipt of my check today i get the news that my "new" cover rate will only be 12.00 an hour. My previous cover rate was 17.29. how in the world do they think they can cut my pay by 5 dollars an hour when i'm a cover driver. it also doesn't count towards progression any longer. i'm not the only one this happened to in my center. another driver went full time and learned that his cover driving never counted as progression towards a full time job. this guy had covered for over 2 years and is now making 14 dollars an hour as a full time driver for 2 1/2 years. i'm not here because i have a fetish for cardboard guys. i'm here to make a paycheck. this company is making me sick.(literally)
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    Check with management and then the Union for clarification of what the contract allows. Payroll does make many mistakes, so it pays to ask questions.

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    I'm not sure what area of the country you are in or what supplement you work under, but I am a cover driver in the south and I get paid 85% of the top rate for drivers when cover drive. Read the contract language for cover drivers and see what it says. As far as the progression issue, that is currently in arbitation between UPS and the Teamsters, call you business agent for m,ore info. and last but not least this shows how much UPS managenment cares about its employees.
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    muncher hows that research going on momentum logistics. You were nice enough to alert us to the threat I thought you might follow up and let us know what you found out?
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    If you can send me a copy of your contract book, Maybe I can figure it out for you and offer some sugestions.

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    i'm under the atlantic area supplement.which is written exactly as follows and has been for the last two contracts. the rate of pay for this job will be determined by the progression rate of pay as listed in the wage schedule. the starting percentage will be seventy-five percent(75%).
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    What is the whole situation PTJ? Did you go from a Pt cover driver to a full time cover driver? Did you take a combo-job in between cover driving? Or are you saying they just cut everyones pay out of the blue? The contract is fairly specific on this issue (an exception to the rule).

    Robert Nitsche
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    The situation you describe is in direct violation of the Atlantic area agreement. Article 63, section 2, clearly states that any employee who completes his/her 30 day qualification period while working as a regular temporary package car driver will not have to complete another qualification period upon accepting a fulltime position. If you accept a fulltime position prior to completing the 30 day qualification, you will only have to complete the remainder of the 30 days, you don't have to start over. In addition your pay will be the same as a fulltime driver in progression, and will count towards progression should you later accept a fulltime position. This is all laid out in black and white in article 63 of the atlantic area supplement, if the company is not honoring it then you need to grieve it immediatley.

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    its gonna be grieved. i'm tired of getting messed up paychecks.thanks deliverman[​IMG]
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    THe way I understand your situation is that you were a regular cover driver. Then they classified you as a seasonal temp cover driver at a lower rate of pay. They cant do that. Do as other have instructed and file.

    They tried that here, and had to give the three drivers all the back pay, and seniority that they earned. So not only did they get a large check, the next week they were at the top of the driver pay scale.

    LEt us know how it shakes out.

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    your getting screwed...surprised?