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    First stage of the gov't controlling who lives or dies.

    But won't this new reg. hurt the poor the most, after all where are they going to get the funds to only buy the gov't approved devices ?
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    [h=3]What about an adrenaline (epinephrine) inhaler?[/h]Adrenaline (epinephrine) inhalers seemed a good option in the past. There was good evidence that they could work, but the inhaler to which this applied has been withdrawn.
    In March 2000 Dr. F. E. Simons of Winnipeg, Canada, presented clear evidence at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) conference in the USA that the current ones do not work, and in October 2000 she backed this up with further detail. Since right now we are only aware of adrenaline (epinephrine) inhalers from one manufacturer, whose products were the ones used in this research, we believe that currently available adrenaline (epinephrine) inhalers do not work and that at best you must never rely on them. We do not currently issue such inhalers to our patients and do not renew the prescriptions of patients who have such inhalers which go out of date.
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    the regulations can choke us....literally.
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    [h=2]From the Trenches: A Personal Story of Obama Job-Killing Regulation[/h] by Lawrence Meyers

    I occasionally broker commercial loans between finance companies and small businesses.
    It gives me a lot of pride when I bring together an American entrepreneur who is ready to risk all his assets on his own business, with a finance company that sees a way to help that businessman and make a profit himself.

    For the past month, I’ve been working with a financier to bring funding to 30 entrepreneurs, eager and ready to start up their businesses.
    Yesterday I had the most dis-spiriting conversation of my professional career with my financier, whom I’ll call “Joe”.

    Joe has a credit line with a Gigantic American Bank.
    The Federal Reserve has slapped the Bank, and all other banks big and small, with new regulations regarding how they loan their money, who they loan it to, and issued a mountain of compliance rules.
    The Bank cannot rely on their internal compliance auditors any longer, either.
    They must use independent auditors.

    The Bank, in order to remain in compliance, must shove all these same regulations and compliance rules onto whomever they loan money to, including Joe, who also must engage an independent compliance auditor.
    Joe must shove all these same regulations and compliance rules onto whomever he loans money to, including these entrepreneurs, who also must engage an independent compliance auditor.

    The cost of all these regulations and compliance audits, at the entrepreneur level alone, is $30,000. It costs a heck of a lot more as you move up the chain.
    The entrepreneurs cannot afford this.
    As a result, the entrepreneurs’ dreams of starting their own businesses die on the vine. They now must go back into the depressed job market to (not) find a job.

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    Yeah baba,

    great story, lets de regulate the banks again so we can have another bank failure like the BUSH failure of 2008.. Banks dont need rules, they need freedom to bring prosperity to the USA just like the last 5 years of the BUSH administration.

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    poor ,poor, tos still effected with BDS.

    Now let's go back to the begining;
    banks were able to use their own internal guidelines about what areas and which persons they would give as an example ,mortgages to and the banks made profits , then some misguided people demanded that they too be given mortgages, even though the internal guidelines of the bank showed that these loans were a VERY BAD Risk. These misguided persons motivated by community organizers , knew upfront that they would never be able to repay these loans and had one sided bills made into laws so that they could get these loans. now the banks were losing money and had to increase their fees charged to all customers to try to recoup some of the loses.
    Thus two government run agencies took the lead in making sure everybody could get a loans, no matter what their monetary reality was. and with the gov't's backing a housing bubble was born, of course no one would admit that any bubble existed, at least no one in gov't. No money down and no background checks required, fueled a very wild ride, in which even non-citizens were able to cash in on, some discovered the scheme of house flipping; selling the same property over & over within a select group always increasing the house's value.
    Well as every business student is taught at some time someone will get burnt when this house of cards falls.

    So yes, let's dereg the banks.
    Some times the best ways to solve a major problem is to do it the old fashion way.
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    First year in decades without new US bank

    There were no new banks created in the US in 2011, making it the first year in decades that the country has gone without the establishment of a single start-up lender.
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    I would be curious as to how many takeovers took place in 2011.
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    So in 2008, 2009, and 2010, while banks were failing left and right, there were banks starting up? Is it possible to say that in those years there was a net loss of banks?
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    One could always find that information listed on the usual Friday night media dumps from the gov't.
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    nice mis information graph.

    Your graph only shows MAJOR regulations as to give an impression that OBAMA has placed more regulations on businesses than Bush, WHY not show a graph comparing all regulations by each president and make a comparision???


    Would that help your argument? aaahhhh, uuuhhhh, ummmm, NO.


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    So what exactly do these Christian groups get for being "recognized" by the University? I would think the members would simply shrug their shoulders and go on doing what they are doing. It would be like UPS refusing to recognize Brown Cafe. Big deal.
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    I guess it means if they don't change their rules, they can't meet on campus.
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    yes and we should of let the banks "fail" the recovery and decline would of looked much like a v as apposes to the slow fall down and the extremely slow climb back up. What most people don't understand is had we let the banks go under they would of just gotten split up and bought by much smaller banks with better balance sheets which is what our banking industry should look like anyway.
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    So bhos added more regulations upon those already added by bush, isn't that like kicking a dead horse ?
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    The first group got permission for the display.................did the offending group also get permission?? That's the difference.

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