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    This is my first post on this forum. I'm glad I found this wealth of information. Its good to have a place to voice off after a long day of unloading trucks. Sorry for the rambling. I'll get to the point....

    I began working for UPS back in 2004. I started in unload, and after several months, I was promoted to part-time supervisor. After awhile, I was offered a new job that I felt better suited my school needs, and so I left the company. Big mistake. In June of this year, I decided it would be worth it to try and get rehired. Luckily, I was rehired. At my interview, an old friend informed me UPS had changed the policy regarding rehiring supervisors. I was hired back as an hourly, back in unload, in the same area, under the same full time supervisor. I was interested in returning to part-time management, and so after 2 months of being back, I turned in a letter of interest. The day before, I was having a conversation with the HR rep that hired me back, and she let it slip that she made a mistake when she rehired me. The more and more I try to remember, the blurrier the conversation becomes, but what I remember coming away thinking was that she had made a mistake rehiring me as an hourly, and I was supposed to be rehired as a part-time supervisor or a similar position. This is where I need some help. Today, I took this to my sort manager to try and get some answers and resolve. He came back to me after speaking with the regional HR office and HR rep that hired me back, and he says I am where I am supposed to be: as an hourly employee. After hearing a story of another supervisor trying to return as an hourly and not being allowed to, my suspicions have been aroused. After spending a good hour or two total on UPSERS.COM, I can find nothing concerning the policy for my case. I don't know where to look to get the information I need to know. I want undisputable proof of whether or not I should be a supervisor. Can anyone direct me to where I might find conclusive evidence either way? I've been tempted to contact corporate HR, but unfortunately I don't have the number. HELP!?
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    You shouldn't have been rehired at all. Better drop it.
  3. rod

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    Stay an hourly union employee. Job security means alot.
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    elmo506, if you're alluding to the past policy of not rehiring members of part-time management, that policy has been changed in February of this year. I've seen and its and been confirmed by my HR rep. My only problem is trying to find out where I'm supposed to be.

    And, I'd rather not stay an hourly. I have a lot of reasons, but first and foremost, as a college student, it suits me better. I'll be in a situation where I can only rely on 1 job, and I'll be eligible for tuition reimbursement.
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    If your goal was to get rehired, you got it...why get angry all the sudden, I'd leave it alone. Sounds like your lucky to be here to me...
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    If I came off as angry, I apologize, but that isn't the case. I'm more flustered and confused than angry, and I would just like to know the truth. I've been screwed over by employers in the past who have not been honest with me, and I'd like to make it a point to avoid that sort of situation again. As a full-time college student that is working 2 part-time jobs, supervising would lift a huge burden off my back. I came back because I know UPS is a good job to have for college students.

    Why should I drop it? It seems some of you are implying there will be consequences to my inquisitions. Luck has nothing to do with me being rehired.
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    If you want p/t mgt, then prove that you belong there. Don't go to work feeling that you deserve something--go out & earn it with a good attitude. Admit that you made a mistake by leaving and are willing to pay the consequences. If ups is a good fit for you then you should feel lucky and thankful to be back at any capacity.
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    We just rehired a ex-PT sup as a PT sup again. He resigned years ago because of out of state school.
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    Just a suggestion......
    I would keep my mouth shut and do the job as well as you did in the past. If they need a PT supe do you think they will promote that guy (you) with the chip on his shoulder or someone who sucks up? Give it time and be patient.
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    I understand that I am lucky to be back, but if I was supposed to be rehired as a part-time sup, I was supposed to be rehired as a part-time sup. The lack of clarification on this policy is frustrating and confusing me. If I am supposed to be an hourly, then I am where I am supposed to be, and I will stay the course and work my way back up. But if not, then I think I have a right to know.

    I admitted my mistake by coming back, and I think I show that by the fact that swallowed my pride and reapplied. Seeing everyone of my co-worker's faces again after quitting is a pretty self-depricating feeling, especially with my full-time supervisor (whom I go back a long ways with). I am humbled that I was given a second chance.
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    edit: post removed, this is where I brought out the shovel.
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    I agree with Trick Pony. UPS is ALWAYS in need of PT supes. If I were you, I would be the best unloader they have, express alot of interest in returning to management, kiss a**, and bide my time. I bet you won't have to wait long. The best way to NOT get promoted is to piss off the powers that be. And your posts make it sound like you feel entitled to a management job. How can HR make that kind of mistake w/out your management knowing about it? They are expecting a PT supe and get a new unloader? Hmmmm....
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    "How can HR make that kind of mistake....."

    It's simple......the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

    (suggesting there isn't a brain connecting the two hands)