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  1. moreluck

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    LPGuy mentioned reincarnation in another post and I just stole his thought.

    If reincarnation was a certainty, who or what would you come back as ???
  2. Sammie

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    That's a good question, More. My first thought would be to come back as a man with a wife who did all the cooking, shopping, cleaning and yardwork, but naw, enough of the human experience. Maybe I'd come back as a man eating plant, a dolphin, a flying squirrel, or some kind of bird that could glide around all day checking out the scenery.

    According to Buddhism, the amount of karma one has stored up determines what the next life form will be so I might be returning as a cuttlefish or a giant squid...:laugh:
  3. DS

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    I`m not sure that I believe in reincarnation .What use would it serve in the big scheme of things? If what Sammie said was true about kharma was true,Hitler would come back as a male preying mantis and get his head chewed off after sex.Ghandi would come back even more godly figure and from what I`ve seen that didn`t happen.I don`t take chances all the same and try to be nice to every one of gods creatures.
    Maybe thats what Jason Lee`s character is afraid of in "My name is Earl"
    I believe that everyone is unique and when they die its over for them.
    People that have near death experiences have mentioned a white light and a euphoric feeling of peace.Call me unromantic but I think this is the body releasing a natural morphine like enzyme similar but opposite to adrenaline to let you slide gracefully into the world of the dead.I do believe that sometimes nature goes awry and allows people that suffered greatly in life to remain as ghosts.I`ve read almost every book in in library about phychic phenomena and there are a few cases of people claiming to be someone from the past.Indeed it may happen from time to time,but for us regular folk,when its over,its over.
  4. moreluck

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    If I couldn't be a human ,I would want to be a pampered pooch....definitely not something in DMX's or Michael Vick's kennels and I don't want Paris Hilton or that Spears gal carrying me around either.
  5. Sammie

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    I don't know, DS. Have you read The Search for Bridy Murphy or any of the writings of Dr. Ian Stevenson? Makes a person wonder....
  6. satellitedriver

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    If you reincarnate (which I doubt) it would still be the same you, only in a different form.
    So to me , the question is not what you are, but who you are.