Residents who may have packages missing urged to call UPS

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    Residents who may have packages missing urged to call UPS - Cape Coral Daily Breeze

    Detectives with the Property Unit of the Cape Coral Police Department are continuing their investigation surrounding a United Parcel Service driver who has been accused of stealing packages.

    Investigators are requesting that any individuals that may have had property stolen contact UPS directly.

    The telephone number to United Parcel Service is 1-800-742-5877.
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    HE could not have done this alone . WHAT happened to the follow ups . DID he sign them/? Did on roads and centermanager bury them? ITS THE centers fault as much as the drivers fault. no one noticed this.I hope the driver gets the max . BUT I hope his managment team is split up they are as much to blame as him, THIS was not Done in one day. one week or one month. WHERE Were the cods the sig required the (send agains)NO one noticed IT just can not happpen with all the tracking that is done everyday. THE center on roads and center manager should go with him They opened the vault for him.