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  1. HeavyChevy

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    I'm new to this site but,have been lurking for a long time.Where do I find the retirement calculator on to estimate my pension? I've read all the info on here and I just can't seem to find it.Any help would be appreiciated.

    All this stuff confuses me.When I retire will I recieve a pension from UPS and the Teamsters also?
  2. cheryl

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  3. CaliforniaPaul

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    Hourly or management? Part-time or full time? Hourly then went into management??
  4. HeavyChevy

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    Fulltime road driver on the freight side.
  5. HeavyChevy

    HeavyChevy New Member

    Cheryl,Thanks for the info.I went to both websites you gave me but,I still didn't find out anything.
    I need to talk to a recent retiree I guess.