Online Retirement (Non Union) SS Earnings Statement


In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier
I'm looking for recent management retirees for some info. Some coworkers indicated UPS Pension folks asked for their social security earnings statement as part of the retirement/management pension process.

I just filled out the online retirement request and printed the documents which have to be signed. Nowhere does it ask for SS earnings statement. I'm wondering if I missed something? Don't trust HR to tell me, hey, you skipped something.

Did anyone who recently filled out the retirement/mgmt pension forms and have to provide ss lifetime earnings statement? If so, where in the process did it ask for this?

Any help is appreciated. My husband has had a LONG career and is ready for the next chapter. I want to make it as smooth as possible.

I believe that management’s Pension benefits were offset by their individual Social Security earnings before 1992.


In the Spirit of Honore' Daumier
It's very unfortunate.
It'll be hard to retaining good employees when you keep taking things off them.

We all have to remember that certain management employees are now considered “a human resource”.. you are no longer considered a real “partner” anymore. That is only reserved for the selected few in the corporate offices who already are set for life.

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The management plans were formulated at 1/2 your annual salary over the best 5 years over a 10 year span.

So if your salary is roughly 300,000 a year your final pension benefits would equal 150,000.

Most of our old managers who had the service time of 30 years retired at age 55, that plan only had a 3 % penalty applied for every year prior to age 65. The Union’s plans have always been subject to a 6 % penalty.

I heard that the old school management that retired at age 55 never touched their pension benefits till age 65 or beyond because they could comfortably live of their stock sell backs with free Healthcare for them and their spouse.