Retirement Discrepancies with the Union?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Lorraine, Jan 30, 2008.

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    My husband passed away unexpectedly .54 years short of 25 years. He worked 5.3 years as a part-timer and the Union says although he has a combined service total of 29.7 years, he's not entitled to retirement benefits because he hasn't met a 30 year criteria. What happened to the 25 and out? I'm losing my mind. Has anyone had any experience with this or does anyone know how I can find out if I have a legitimate case? I'd appreciate any help
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    Does anyone have hall mailing address...or even Hoffa's?

    I'm sure they'd like to see a story like this about the best contract ever.
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    Sorry for your loss. And I don't think I'll be alot of help, but maybe I can get you a start. I'm not familiar with your particular pension plan. Talk with a Human Resources supervisor from UPS in your area for any direction and any assistance. You need a International Brotherhood of Teamsters Pension Plan Booklet for your local. If you don't have one, ask the union to send you one. Talk to your husbands friends. Ask for help. I'm sure his friends know someone they can direct you to. Good luck. God bless.
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    I'm just over the river in Philadelphia. "25 and out" option varies by local, you need to get in touch with your husbands local union hall. I don't know much about the locals in Jersey.
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    Hi, I am sorry for your loss and I am sure all UPS'ers are.....I want to believe most employees have a heart at this company.

    I am not sure that your Husband has met the criteria of 25 and out...If you do subtract 5.3 years from the full time years it apparently seems that He was short a few months. I believe that you are still eligible if you are over 62 and not remarried. I think that if you get remarried that you will lose the benefits..... The 29.7 years are a service years not pension credits!

    Years ago money was not put into the pension plan for part time employment.

    I hope this helps
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    There are several dozen pension plans that cover UPSers in various areas of the country. Management plans are different than Union plans, and sometimes, part-time is different than full-time. To give you advice we need to know:

    Was your husband a Teamster, or Management, or a pilot, or a member of the Machinists Union, or some combination?
    Were all the years worked in New Jersey, or elsewhere?
    What Local or Locals was he in?
    Do you have any Annual Benefit Statements and Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) that you should have been receiving in the mail over the years?
    What is the formal name of the Pension Plan(s) on any of those documents.

    Now-a-days, most plans have websites with all the information you need. We can point you in the right direction, but we need more info.

    Generally, if you fall short of the 25-year milestone, you still qualify for a pension based on the 24-plus years, but it is at a lesser rate. A wife is normally entitled to her husband's pension. There may also be a death benefit available.

    You should also check into extending your Health & Welfare Plan coverage through the COBRA option.
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    Sincerely sorry for your great loss and the chore of working out financial details.

    Don't know if this will help but in my part of the country pt pension is held by the company and fulll time by the union. I'm pt so if I go to ft I would receive benefits from both pension plans upon retirement. They are not combined to equal the 25 years.

    Don't know what the rules are governing UPS pension plans when a member passes. Have you contacted UPS about his pt pension benefits?

    If I'm way off base here please, someone straighten it out so I am not misleading. Best of luck to you. Your husband worked hard for that pension and you most certainly deserve every penny of it.
  8. Coldworld

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    I thought that part-time years were counted as half? I also have heard that the part-time years can count as a full year, but you just would'nt receive as much pension...which one is true. There is so much mystery surrounding part-time years counted toward pension. You ask 5 people and get 5 different answers. On a side note, when I was part-time, I worked night sort, then drove eam's in the morning, usually getting 8 hours a day...I did this 5 years until I went driving. i have asked the western conference of teamsters If I would get more money at the end of 30 years than someone who just worked 4 hours for 5 years, then went driving for the same amount of time as me...they said yes. And then I have asked co-workers the same question and get a different answer.