Retro Check Problems

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    Or kill her
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    It's not child support
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    It's not a tumor
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    UPS is possibly the greatest child support job imagenable. CS doesn't count overtime in your garnishment. Give me my 60 hour weeks. Any divorced sad guy, for the time you are sad, knows you will be ordered to pay for all them kids insurance.

    And right after Obamacare as well!! :speechless:

    Ok cool "pay" for the insurance :happy:

    Pay for daycare? Oh yeah you want me to? How about I take you to court every five years forever cause yeah girl you don't get ngo free lawyers on your crazy claims that I'm violent forever. But the teamsters at my back, for as long as I'm a box monkey, forever.

    I'm sure we can work something out.

    Maybe get remarried? How about you get remarried?! No wonder girls don't get remarried while guys do.
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  5. So apparently even if you quit you're still gonna get a retro check from August 1st until whenever you quit but if you were fired you won't get one
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    Thank you scab
  8. If it's the IRS, then yes they can garnish the ice you have in your cooler every morning