Returning to Work...Returning Benefits?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by djcochran, Jan 24, 2009.

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    I worked at UPS last summer as a part-time thing. I was planning on continuing work there, but my school schedule really got into conflict with that. Before I left, I had received my health benefits/pay raise/etc. I'm not trying to get hired again, seeing as my school schedule is so much more flexible. My main question is...will I automatically receive my health benefits/pay raise upon returning to work, or will I have to wait the 3 and 6 months again? I really just would like to the benefits to help pay for diabetic supplies, but I'm not saying I wouldn't hate to start making that extra money right off the bat, either. :wink2:
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    It's 1 year now for benefits.

    If you withdrew from the union it is my understanding you don't have to pay back in and you can pick up where you left off as far as benes go. Someone else can give you more information on that and correct me if I"m wrong.
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    Like sleeve said benefits now take 1 year. One of the major reasons that it was changed was because people would get hired on at ups for the benefits and have all of their medical needs taken care of. Ups had charted out how many people within the first few months had hip replacements, transplants, knee surgeries, back surgeries etc.

    These few people with all of their major medical bills had raised ups's medical premiums through the roof. Ups even showed how many of these employees left after all of their medical needs were taken care of.

    Here a withdrawl card is only good for your union dues. Our medical is through ups and if we leave the company we would start over as a new employee, but would not have to pay the initiation fees to the union again. I know it is different in other areas seeing that the teamsters offer medical for ups employees in other areas.
  4. djcochran

    djcochran New Member even if I was hired again, would I have to work 5 more months for benefits (or however long it used to be for them) or an entire year? Or would I have to work 6 or 7 months to get my work time up to a year? And I definitely wouldn't get my benefits upon returning, correct?
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    Also...I don't think I ever joined the union. Didn't you have to get them to take out a little of your paycheck each week? I never did that...
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    A little? :knockedout:

    Since you quit, you lost your seniority. You'll have to start from day one. I'm in the same boat, but I plan on coming back.
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    Never leave UPS. It must become your life. Your family and everything you hold dear must be pushed to other priorities. UPS is life...:devil3:
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    You have to work a full year for bennies and also start at the beginning payrate no raises. Just like any other job if you quit and had been there for 3 years and gotten raises if you started work there again and were rehired then you would start over no raises.