Returning to UPS

Goofball :censored2:

"Hey there could be some opportunities to drive in August"

-Wouldn't that make me a scab? I guess that could work

"How dare you! :censored2:ing scumbag!"


clean hairy

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Don’t forget why you left California when it comes time to vote. Come and live here and enjoy the opportunity, make the best life you can, but don’t ruin our state.

Best of luck at FedEx and remember everything is safety first in an 18 wheeler, this isn’t package car. You have rights. Read the STAA. I’m telling you this because 7 times out of 10 if there’s a tractor trailer in a ditch it says FedEx on the side.
Are the other 3 are Swifty Swift?
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My original question has been addressed and answered. Thanks for clarification on the contract verbiage.

I'll put my flip flops back on and roll out in my volvo.

Everyone from the stand up comedians to the Rambo tough guys, you have all been fun. Never change.

❤️always. ✌🏽