Reward for calling in ????

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    At my center we have a girl on FML act . She calls in All the time . She even comes in and 5 mins before we leave the hub , she says " My son is sick , I am leaving " then she leaves route sitting. So now my boss will NOT let her work. 2 days off for going home all the time . That's a heck of a reward !!!!! No supension not fired , just go home !!! Now she is filing grievance and getting paid for sitting home ! I will never understand ups
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    Sounds like your boss is violating her FMLA rights. (ie disciplining her for using FMLA)
    He could be in some really big trouble.
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    I hate it for her , but she cries wolf all the time . But she is going to get paid . He can not do what he is doing . I just think it is crazy to send her home every day , that is a reward !!!!!!!!!!
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    Sounds like your boss is going to be going home pretty soon if she lets the right people know what is going on. Sure, she might be abusing the system, but your not so intelligent boss should know the rules, and use them to the advantage of the company, instead of breaking the law.
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    Sounds like she's got a case of the Francisitis
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    sounds like your center manager is frustrated and making a poor choice. On the other hand, it also sounds like this woman is putting him regularly in an impossible situation. She comes in, gets ready to run a route. Staffing is done, all the low seniority cover drivers, if any, are waved off. Now she says, I have to go. So he has to scramble and get a cover back in pronto, by which time there are probably going to be missed service on air anyway. OR, does he keep a cover driver until he is sure? If so, and that driver pushes the issue, they could file for their 8 if he is not sure she is going to run the route until after posted starts. OR, does he send a supervisor on the route when she waves off until a cover can be brought in to eliminate the service failures and eat the grievance on that. Maybe he has decided to just eat the grievance for her, as he is going to eat one anyway, and at least knock down the service failures.

    I doubt he is intentionally rewarding anyone in any case.
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    Its messed up . Yes they have had MANY late air because " I have to leave NOW " . Then they call in anyone they can find to tun the route BLIND !! So then other drivers have to go help the cover driver at the end of the day . The BAD thing is she is a full time cover driver , so she runs a different route every day ( if she works ) . I wanted to go home Monday , I have senority , but my boss said , " She is going home " , you got to work !
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    There are rules that need to be followed in order for FMLA go into effect.. Sounds like this person is abusing the system and will probably find herself looking for another job...

    U.S. Department of Labor - Wage and Hour Division (WHD) - Family and Medical Leave Act
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    How can she get away with putting family first?
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    Unless you know the 100% true and correct story just quit your bitching and do YOUR job and the center manager will do what he needs to do. So you had to work. The fact of the matter is that she has FMLA and until PROVEN that she is abusing the law then she is protected by the law and the specifics are none of your business either way.

    The rules that I feel you are leaning toward deals with notifying the employer when FMLA is needed. They are to notify the employer "as soon as practicable". That might be two weeks in advance, 24 hours before, 24 hours after, and yes in this case when the woman finds out herself and has to leave. Is it an inconvenience, yes, but it is her right under the law. And lets be honest, if ANY parent were to receive a phone call telling them they are needed in an appropriate situation their management team would let them go even if they didn't have FMLA. Think of the repercussions if they didn't.
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    Are you saying that if you call in and need the day off because of a sick child they have to give you the day questions asked?
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    Sort of. First you have to file for intermittent FMLA for the sick child, which would genrally require a doctor to fill out some paperwork. Once that approval is done however, then yes, within the guidelines of the paperwork done by your doctor (say, 3-6 days per month, 1-2 days per week, or whatever) then yes, anytime you don't want to work you say your child is sick you are using FMLA and you are protected by federal law from any sort of discipline.
  13. cachsux

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    Have to give you the day off no questions asked, without FMLA? No, at least on the no questions asked part. But show me a member of management who can make you come in if you have what you believe is a legitimate good faith reason such as the emergency care of a loved one. They might complain or threaten but unless you are a problem offender there's little they can do in the case of someone doing it in a legitimate situation. If you're asking in the situation of a person with FMLA then, if they have been approved for FMLA or are in an emergency situation and FMLA has been applied for, then yes it is ultimately a no questions asked situation. A person with FMLA can call in and say they need to take a day. That persons obligation is to, as soon as practicable, let the company know so they can plan their operation accordingly.

    I know you are bitter about how FMLA affects your situation and how you feel there are those abusing it and I can sympathize with it there is no reason to give out incorrect info that someone without the knowledge about FMLA will take it as gospel.
    If you want to answer the question then answer it. If you want to say that people who abuse the law piss you off then say it. But don't mix the two.
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    What incorrect information did I give?

    And, ok, People that abuse the law piss me off. They should piss any reasonable person off.
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    "anytime you don't want to work you say your child is sick you are using FMLA and you are protected by federal law from any sort of discipline."

    Anytime you don't want to work? So you're making it out to be the easy way to get days off. I know there's abusers but there is far more legitimate users.
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    I did not care that I had to work , but when she gets on a route she does not like , (a bad day ) the phone always rings !!! It's not fair to the part time guy called in at 9:45 to come in when he had 10 air and he gets to work at 10:00 and gets off at 8 or later if others drivers do not go help him .
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    I agree but people such as the driver in question are the ones who give FMLA and the educational transfer a bad name.
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    The driver in question? Based on the rant of someone who's po'd about not getting a day off and I'll bet doesn't know 10% of the story you are going to say that the driver he mentions is abusing the system? Ok, I'll play. I have at times in the past if an unforeseen emergency came up have had to leave early from work. Not 5 minutes in as claimed although it is possible but several hours in definitely.

    Now, with that information and nothing more tell me if I am abusing the system.
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    I'm convinced this Upstate guy isn't a driver. He's an on-road sup.
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    Yes, I admit that was a slanted way to put it. Not long ago I would have agreed with you about the majority not abusing it. Lately I am not so sure...

    And here you have the answer to the follow up question I had. Is there a pattern? I am in a roll where I see many many FMLA users, and it does not take long to see patterns. Of course I don't know this driver, so I do not know that she may have a legitamate health issue with her child. But the patterns will be telling. Lets say one guy on a sweet cake walk route is off for vacation and I put her on his route for the week? And low and behold, her child is never sick all that week, ITS A MIRACLE! Then the next week, she is on that route on Monday, but tuesday is an all business bulky suck route. Uh Oh, little Jr. is way to sick (once mom finds out the route she is on) and she has to go. Or how about, I ask her, and yes, Jr. is fine, I will run 9X route today (a light route). Then, I find out I have a sick call, and have to break out a route, so I need her to take 15 stops of 8X route before she leaves. Uh oh, 10 min later, guess who is too sick and needs mommy at home today? Now I have 2 routes to cover.

    From what Goochy is saying, she is either using this law to pick which routes she wants to run, or there is an amazing coincidence that her child only gets sick when she is on a route she does not like. You decide which is more likely. I hate to sound like a crumudgeon, but I have already made up my mind.

    Am I bitter? Yes I am. I know you think this stuff rarely if ever happens. I can tell you I deal with it all the time and it does. So, sure it pisses me off.