Rick Perry focus of Criminal Investigation

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    Texas Gov. Rick Perry has lawyered up as the criminal investigation into whether he illegally withheld money from a district attorney’s office is gaining steam.

    According to the American-Statesman:

    Gov. Rick Perry has retained a high-profile Austin defense lawyer to represent him in a criminal investigation into whether he illegally withheld money from the Travis County district attorney’s office, the American-Statesman and KVUE-TV confirmed Sunday.

    The hiring of David L. Botsford is the latest signal that the inquiry into Perry’s conduct might be gaining momentum after a seven-month investigation.

    If this case reminds you of another Republican governor who wants to run for president, but is trapped in his own web of self created scandals, it should. Perry got himself into hot water by threating to withhold $7.5 million in funding unless the Democratic Travis County DA resigned. Perry wanted her to resign after she was convicted of a DWI. The Democrat promised not to run for reelection, but refused to resign.

    Perry’s actions put a cloud of uncertainty over hundreds of criminal investigations and were illegal. The governor can’t withhold funding in order to pressure another elected official to resign. The matter of the DA and her DWI is an issue between her and the voters.

    Gov. Perry’s actions are very similar to what Chris Christie is being accused of doing in New Jersey. Christie is accused of withholding Sandy aid, unless political favors were granted to his campaign donors. Both Christie and Perry have White House dreams in 2016, and both may be undone by their own criminal abuses of power.
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    Well, looks like the GRAND JURY has decided: OLDGRAY : that Rick Perry BROKE the law and he has been indicted on two felony counts.


    ""Perry was indicted by an Austin grand jury on felony counts of abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant. Maximum punishment on the first charge is five to 99 years in prison, and two to 10 years on the second.""

    I hope he rots in prison with all the other failed republican hacks.

    Couldnt happen to a dumber man.

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    A prosecutor can get an indictment for a ham sandwich from a grand jury. This same Democrat has done similar actions in the past - and never convicted anyone. It is just an attempt to smear Perry and hurt his image. No chance of a conviction since Perry broke no laws.
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    OIC, before you said this... ""It looks like Perry didn't break any laws but that is for the grand jury to decide""

    And now you say...""A prosecutor can get an indictment for a ham sandwich from a grand jury"

    So, at first, you are ready to let the grand jury decide his fate, and once he does, your role is to diminish the grand jury as a whole.

    Then, hearing NO EVIDENCE first hand, you already pass judgement on the case...
    ""No chance of a conviction since Perry broke no laws""

    So, why have a grand jury? They should simply come to you for all the answers, then they could confirm it with moreluck so they could have two similiar thinking minds to render decisions.

    Kiss his presidential run goodbye, stupid glasses and all.

    Fricken cowboy.

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    "Kiss his presidential run goodbye,...." (tos)

    Gee, I must've missed it when he announced his candidacy !!
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    An indictment is far easier to get than a conviction. It'll be interesting to see if this even makes it to trial. That if it isn't thrown out by a level headed judge before then.
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    If it's thrown out, it's like Christie....already tarnished and not shiny enough for the table.
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    Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry was indicted by a grand jury Friday for using his budget powers to force the removal of a District Attorney arrested last year in a humiliating and very public drunk driving incident.
    Saturday morning, however, Perry finds himself with the unlikeliest of defenders.
    Using his Twitter account, David Axelrod, a senior aide and confidante to President Obama, wrote: "Unless he was demonstrably trying to scrap the ethics unit for other than his stated reason, Perry indictment seems pretty sketchy."
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    Axelrod is almost certainly signalling to fellow Democrats and his allies in the media (like Politico) that this indictment is a political loser for the Left.
    It could also blowback on Obama whose actual constitutional abuses have earned criticism even from some Democrats.
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    What does it matter what david axelrod "hinted".. he isnt a prosecutor. Do you always get your advice from david axelrod?

    He is a political advisor, not a prosecutor.

    Nonetheless, what he said, was, "absent of any other evidence", meaning, evidence he hasnt seen and only the grand jury has seen....

    And somehow, you and fox news want to run with this partial quote as if it was some kind of legal analysis..

    You poor souls. So willing to believe anything you hear on fox.

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    tos , you better give up on this topic .
    You are going to lose .
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    NO, "LIBERALS" dont think Rick Perry didnt break any laws. again, talking partial quotes and trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    Axelrod said, absent of any other evidence, other than what is being talked about in the news,
    HAHAh, just like I lost against your "birth certificate thread"???

    You are at the bottom of the totem pole on political knowledge bro.

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    I like how the right wing takes two partial quotes and attempts to make a general exaggeration over them and apply them to all liberals.

    Axelrod was clear, "absent of other evidence", looking at it "prima facie" from news reports, the indictment looks kinda sketchy.

    So, in other words, if he sees further evidence, he may change his mind on the indictment. Like everyone else, they dont see evidence as that is sealed by the grand jury, and all we have to go on is news reports that contain nothing but GUESSES by talking heads.

    No matter, Perry will be arrainged in court on the two felony counts and that will be televised all over the country.

    FOX news is already helping to play Defense for Perry by booking him on all the sunday shows to give him a voice to attempt to do damage control.

    Of course, nobody at fox will ask him the tough questions, and they will simply let him air out as long as he wants to talk.

    They wont cut him short, or put him on the hot seat, instead, they will lob him softballs and hope he can hit them to the fence so the faithful ( moreluck, oldgray, island, baba, av8 and associates) will believe him.

    Its hilarious to say the least, but I am glad they are prosecuting this moron for his lack of intelligence.

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    The border grandstanding move by Perry wasn't political, but this indictment is? Wow, funny how that works. I agree that this marks the beginning of the end of Perry's presidential hopes, but it doesn't really matter if it's Cruz, Rubio, Bush, or Perry. Hillary will still win.
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    No, let him and the rest of the TROLL PATROL keep going.
    It is fun watching them spend so much effort on a non-issue.
    This will not go any farther, so just watch the TROLL PATROL scream bloody murder in their posts.