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    I know that Indiana has recently passed a Right to work law. How has that affected the UPS hubs there? Theres a group trying to get it on the ballot in Ohio. Should I be worried about these bills/laws?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    RTW will have no effect on the operations at UPS. RTW will have an effect upon the Teamsters, especially among the PTers.
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    It hasn't made any impact on anyone yet. The law cannot affect contracts that were written prior to its passing so until the contract is renegotiated in 2013 it will be like the law was never passed. Once that 2013 date comes and goes I see little changing as far as UPS teamsters go. The union will have to work harder to sell itself to the part timers when they are hired, but most, if not all of the full timers will continue to pay dues.
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    Here in FL I love the guys I work with who bitch about the company, and how the union doesn't do anything, and they don't pay union dues.. Do stewards check if you pay dues before they help you?
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    That would be unethical--all employees are afforded equal protection by the union.

    Ok, seriously, the stewards don't know but the union local does and, yes, the level of representation may not be the same. The analogy I like best is imagine if you are in a legal issue and you have a public defender while your opponent has F. Lee Bailey. What do you think your chances are?
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    Pretty good, F'Lee's dead!!! :happy2: