RIP Joe Sobran

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Sep 30, 2010.

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    Farewell Reluctant Anarchist
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    Oh sorry, I forgot you'd be so busy moving threads.

    Here you go.
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    That was a nice piece by Coulter who was known to think and speak highly of Sobran much to the displeasure of so many "conservative" con men. If only Ann would be willing to forego ill gotten fame and fortune of playing the blonde puppet for these puppet masters and instead follow her mentor on to freedom and liberty's ultimate philosophical destination.

    Dr. Robert Higgs, economist with the Independent Institute also has some very nice words on Sobran as well.

    And tip of the hat to The Southern Avenger who just nails it once again!

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    Joe sobran... a true conservative ....a dying breed indeed....maybe that's why I never heard of him....kind of like the ugly incestual stepchild force to live-n-hide in the basement for crossing or clashing with the Noe-Con agenda....
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    LMAO!!!!! Well put Diesel, well put!