Rockford Expansion


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I find it of interest that UPS will increase Rockford's output capacity by 50% without touching the physical footprint of the building itself. Based on comments I've seen here and what I've seen around my own locale, with volume going up this could prove of great importance. The cost of expanding is complicated in many cases where real estate is lacking at the present location to expand so the ability to expand capacity within the current physical footprint is very important. One thing that has me concerned for UPS going forward is the aging of our internal sortation systems verses more current state of the art that FedEx, especially FedEx ground, is installing as they build their infrastructure. Be interesting to watch this process as it moves forward IMO.

Also with plans on the table to double Worldport's output over the next few years and now the Rockford Air Hub expanding I would venture to say that UPS is starting to talk. The question is does Wall Street and whoever else understand the message being sent?

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There is a considerable amount of area inside the building for belt expansion, etc. Building has high ceilings like most, could possibly add entire second level for operations, seen it done other places.