Ron Carey- Local 804 hero

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by local804, Aug 8, 2010.

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    A Local 804 hero will be honored this month when 28th Avenue in Bayside, Queens is officially renamed Ron Carey Avenue.

    The official street renaming ceremony will be held at 28th Avenue and 206th Street in Bayside on Thursday, Aug. 19 at 6 pm. Local 804 members are encouraged to attend.

    Ron Carey was a union reformer and militant Teamster leader who served as Local 804 President for three decades. In 1991, Teamster members voted Carey in as the first democratically-elected General President in Teamster history.

    In 1997, Carey led UPS Teamsters to victory in a nationwide strike. He passed away on Dec. 11, 2008.
  2. ROW A

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    he was my personal friend great man !!!!great man !!!.howie and tim should have took lessons when they had the chance!!!!
  3. AcesUp804

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    YES a great man , I loved listening to him speak a true leader.... that will be a great day ,,,,,, god bless RON CAREY
  4. local804

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    If you ever watched any of Rons video interviews after he was in office, he spoke very well of Tim and never mentioned Howie. If Tim took lessons, we will see. I can assure you Howie didnt.
  5. Blizzard

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    management may enjoy walking down that street.:wink2:
  6. KingofBrown

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    Could there be another Teamster leader like Ron Carey, now?
  7. moreluck

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    another Ron Carey
  8. Anonymous 10

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    It's not Hoffa.
  9. tieguy

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    Absolutely. the jails are full of people just like Ronnie.
  10. JonFrum

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    Well yes, I suppose, if you include the Corrections Officers.

    I don't know the details of your infraction but maybe it's because you are a repeat offender, a career criminal, a three-strikes-and-your-out kinda guy (with a tie), a flagrant violator, an incorrigible, an instigator, a bomb tosser, and a troll, with a long rap sheet.
  11. tieguy

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    mymy someone has a thin skin. Not my fault he had you guys walk to save the pension only to have ups fix it ten years later.
  12. AcesUp804

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    LOL Tieguy ,, you really sound like an idiot on that one ,, strike had nothing to do with the pension more about the 10,000 jobs , UPS didn't fix the pension in the central states they bought it by allowing Hoffa to card UPS freight and thats why he will loss the next election. typical under paid over worked management person.
  13. tieguy

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    LOL back at you bud. I was there I lived the strike. You guys said you had to walk because the company was trying to steal the pension. Don't even try to tell me you guys walked for the part timers as long as you guys let the starting wage stay where it is.

    you walked to save the pension. Instead ups had to save it 10 years later. Its some major egg on Careys face.
  14. brownmonster

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    Not THE pension, only Central States. I don't recall UPS putting any extra money into my fund recently.
  15. tieguy

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    you should read the contract brownie they put extra money in your plan every year.

    It really does not matter whether it was one plan or many plans. Central states was the grandadday of them all. UPS has always felt that the teamsters did a poor job with the multi employer plans. They tried to buy them out in 97 thinking they could do a better job and probably save ups money in the long run. You can't argue that logic. UPS has shown they know how to manage money very well.

    When Ron Carey walked he walked to save teamster control of those pension plans. He basically said the teamsters knew how to manage those plans better then UPS. 10 years later he was proved wrong.

    The present CS retirees may end up losing out on the fix. In the long term future though retirees of the CS plan will sing ups's praises not Ron Careys.

    As each economic crisis and recession hits these pension plans get deeper and deeper into trouble. These pension plans will now fix theirselves due to the new federal laws. They will fix theirselves by reducing benifits and or extending the' retirement age.

    you folks need to challenge what these plans are doing now or you may very well end up with age 65 retirements and a fraction of the disbursement you currently enjoy.

    So the short answer is if Ron Carey had struck ups AND fixed the penion plans then he would deserve the hero status you guys are trying to hand him. To me it looks like he fell way short on point two.
  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I will tell you that, in hindsight, I wish UPS would have taken over my (NYS Teamsters) pension plan.

    Tie is right about mulitemployer pension plans. Each of the August split raises for 2010-2012 will be diverted to the pension in Upstate NY due to our critical status.
  17. AcesUp804

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    upstatenyupser --- you just showed your true colors , you are not a union person you care only about yourself ,, go back and look what happen to the other teamster members that were part of the central state pension after UPS took over they have no pension...... but then again your a phony anyway

    tieguy ----- right before Carey pulled the membership every thing on the table was the same before the strike and after the strike BUT 1 thing UPS offered 2,000 new jobs Carey wanted 10,000 .... You make the salary you make because of what we get paid any teamster that goes into management goes in for many different reason 1 of those reasons is more money ,, so the more we make the more you make if there was no union drivers would make around $21.00 an hour and sups would make a little way you would get paid what you do now..... so when your alone don't be afraid to thank the union for what you and your family have.
  18. brownmonster

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    Fedex employees had faith that Fred would provide a nice pension. Fred said screw you all, here is a 401k instead. Have a nice self funded retirement.
  19. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Aces I appreciate you taking the time to tell me why i got into management. I'm not sure about the pay raise thing since I never had a steward negotiate the raises I've gotten over the years. With that said it does not appear that you addressed the point that Ron struck to keep the pension plans but was not able to fix them.

  20. Well until recently with the new election, and we will see when the new contract comes into play, it has always been about the FTs and mainly (sorry if i am stepping on a few toes) the FT drivers. The PTs never really got anything ouut of the contract besides job security and with the new contract why would anybody want to work for Brown as a PT when they are getting shafted. It now takes them longer to make book, longer to get benifits. The contract has always been unballanced, but more so in the past years than ever. And until the PT get a better voice it will always be that way.

    Don not get me wrong, Brown is a good company to work for, but both on the Managment and Union side we need a new voice and change. And now the blame is the economy, but yet once again Brown has turn a profit, but yet we cant even get a Founder's Day bag of chips.