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    Your imput appreciated. I`m an over 20 year driver and my route is moving to another city but I`m not going with the work. Any one who went through this or has knowledge of things that may occur for me to be aware of please feel free to post your experiences. :sad-little:
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    Wow, Raw, that sucks. What are they telling you? I would imagine you can bump where your seniority allows?
  4. Raw

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    May have to go unassigned. What sucks is we just bid 2 months ago and I was told the routes weren`t going to move this year. I could of bid on another route had I known now I may have to be a swing driver until next bid!!:sad-very:
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    It happened to me years ago, I had the option of following my work or bumping where my seniority allowed, which I did. Does not make sense to me that you would have to work unassigned to your next bid. The answers here are often wrong so be sure to check with your local business agent.
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    What we do here is that you would go to the bottom of the FT cover driver list till next bid. If an area opens up, you would be allowed to bid it according to seniority. It sucks whatever way they are going to do it.
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    I followed mine to another city. Worked out for me.
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    This statement is not a fair one IMO. Answers given on an Internet forum are only as good as the information provided by the OP. Most, if not all, of the members do their best to give the appropriate answer based upon either their knowledge of the contract or their years of experience. It is nearly impossible to know all of the language in all of the regional supplements. Advice from an Internet forum should be just one part of the research process, a process which should definitely include your shop steward and business agent. I would be hesitant to base what could be a career decision upon information solely from an Internet forum. Caveat emptor.
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    I also did, twice! but now I live 2 miles from my center and have no desire to drive 20 miles to the center my route is going to. From past experience if I went with the work I would lose my route anyway next bid as I would go from 7 in senority to about 27 in the other center. PS - say hi to Debbie & Dick! :knockedout:
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    .....but I`m not buying anything!! :wink2:
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    Someone studied their Latin in high school.
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    Can't you bump any driver with less seniority in your loop? Western Conference.
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    20 miles really isn't that far to drive to work for this job. If you were flipping hamburgers for $7/hr, 20 miles might not be worth it.

    The senoirity issue is something to consider though. Dropping that far on the list would weigh in on my decision. If this is the big issue, I would just stay were you are and go unnassigned for the rest of the year. Sometimes going unnassigned gets you a really easy day!

    Good luck!
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    As opposed to where? Are you sayin that the answers here are often right, as well?

    on a quick read, I thought you meant that the cavear was empty.
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    20 miles isn't very far for a FT job that you're comfortable with and pays reasonably well. Seems as though you should follow that route (if you can) and come next bid make a change with what your seniority allows.
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    oops didn't see this... agreed!