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    Anybody hear of this? I won and have been on bid route for over a year. I filed a 9.5 and got o/t down to 2 days a week. That put a wrench in a late pickup they had me doing. A pickup that was on somebody else who also filed a 9.5 earlier, so pickup wasn't on my route when I won bid. Management wanted me to start at 10AM to cover the late pickup so I wouldn't go over 9.5 all the time. I, of course said heck no. Then management just took route away from me and put it back up for bid with a start time at 10AM. Yes, I filed grievance, it goes to Committee in a few months. Contract says that they can have one late start for every 50 drivers in a building. I get that but, it also says no driver,package or feeder, currently on a bid route will be forced into this late start time. Northern CA. Supplemental Agreement, Article 22 Section 4. Do they have the right to take a bid route away from a driver who bid on said route that originally started at 8:30 so they can start it at 10?
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    They break the rules all the time, and get all uppity if you are 20 seconds or less late. Talk about hypocrisy.
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    And, yes. Someone was 5 seconds late(the clock changed as he was clocking in), and he was written up. (he didn't have a history of lateness, either)
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    They can move work to and from a bid area at any time and they can change the start time for all of the drivers in the center as they wish; however, they cannot arbitrarily change just your start time by 90 minutes to accomodate a late pickup. That being said, a 10 am start would mean that they would have to cover your air. If the later start times works for your schedule then by all means accept the change--if not file the grievance.

    Starting at 10am would not work for me.
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    They can change our bids by 59 minutes without having to allow the driver to bump.
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    A few months?! So they get what they want for a while, the panel SHOULD see it in your favor. Good luck.