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    What are the rules for disability with full time ups workers?..I'm in the Chesapeake region and filed for disability and Fmla. Everything seems to be going through ok as I have done everything that's been asked of me as far as forms and providing what Aetna wants. I talked with the teamster people who handle all the insurance questions(number on back of my insurance card) and they told me that short term disability only lasts one year and that there is no long term disability. This does not match anything I have heard or read online from other ups'ers...I keep hearing short term disability goes into long term if you file in time and have all info that the insurance requires and that long term disability is five years...I was also told by the teamster insurance people(not Aetna) that disability only pays 225$ first six months and 275$ for the rest of the one year period. I heard that it's supposed to be based on your pay rate..also does it change from state to state?...can anyone tell me the truth and is there some booklet or info I can request that explains very thing truthfully?
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    Disability is based upon your prior earnings with the max being $300/week.

    Disability does last only one year-----if you are still unable to return to work you would transition to long term disability.
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    I wasn't sure about the amount,but seems like they kinda mislead me about long term,I was told it doesn't exist...could it possibly be different from state to state? Thanks for the reply btw.
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    In my area, we had only one employee that went from ST to LT disability. He was out for 3 years and then terminated. They even listed his name on the schedule for the 3 year period to signify his status as still technically employed. He got a job at a bank later on but is still not released to do heavy lifting UPS type work. I'm unsure about his pay, but my understanding is that it's based on your income at the time, max of 66%, and possibly a dollar amount as upstate had said as well.
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    It’s different everywhere

    No one here can answer you question
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    I believe it is 60% of the median of the last 26 weeks with a maximum of $500 for a full timer. After the short term disability is exhausted, the old AETNA long term kicks in for another year according to the Letter of Understanding at the end of the National Contract. This applies to Teamcare and not individual plans from Local Unions. New Jersey and at least 1 other State have individual rules as well.