Ruslan Provodnikov vs Chris Algieri

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 728ups, Jun 14, 2014.

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    FANTASTIC fight tonite, I never ever expected such an upset
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    I was kind of surprised myself. You had Provodnikov who was the aggressor and landed the bigger power shots but Algeri had the ring generalship and landed the more volume of punches. Provodnikov had an early lead with the 2 knockdowns but Algeri fought back to close the gap. I didn't really score the fight because I assumed Provodnikov would ko the kid eventually. Id like to watch the replay on Sunday and really score the fight. It seems like when you watch the replay you always score the fight differently. Its kind of like when I watched the replay of the Mayweather and Maidana fight the 2nd time, I had Maidana winning the fight like 7 rounds to 5 or so.
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    That fight was like watching a rocky movie. Algieri getting canned on his butt in the first round twice was tough to watch, especially since his eye was already swelling on the way down to the canvas!

    With one eye, Algieri fought a hard tough battle, never seeming to lose his confidence. A true champion.

    The Russian relied on too many heavy one shots instead of boxing. Algieri boxed all three minutes of every round and deserved the win!

    If you missed this fight, catch it on replay on HBO.

  4. jumpman23

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    It was a good fight and the judges were all rock solid judges too. They weren't judges who didn't have a lot of championship fights under their belt. I though it was going to be a draw at first.