safty/safety meeting

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  1. My first. Safty meeting 2morrow what should I say or discuss. Thank you
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    Talk about safty, naturally.
  3. Since it appears you know everything you should have plenty of useful information to pass along.
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    ​About safty.
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    A loyal Teamster would have nothing to do with a safety committee.
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    That is correct. Loyal Teamster since you are fresh eyes to the operation, you may see some safty issues that most of us may overlook since we've been here so long. Safty is very important. Bring up anything that you may think is a safty concern. I am the Safty Co-chair on my shift. Our Safty meetings run for 1 hr. and we utilize the hour to speak about safty and safty recognition. Remember Safty is Everyone's Job.
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    Hey dummy, this here thread is about safty!:laughing:
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    I think we have the same sense of humor. Lol.
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    safty meeting

    JAZZHANDS needs to preach : SAFTY, SAFTY, SAFTY!
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    I would go with the 9 keys of lifting and lowering and the 6 seeing habits.
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    safty meeting

    ...and don't forget to bring up that parking lot safety concern. Actually stress the IMPORTANCE of that issue.
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    This. Bumper magnet safety in particular.

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    I think it's safty say, that you should discuss your resignation.
    ​Your welcome

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    The case of the disappearing bumper magnet, tune in at 11 for the latest on the investigation.
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    safty meeting

    To be taken seriously, as a relatively new employee, you have to get excited. Go in with 10 things you want changed, and don't take no for an answer. Demand that these changes are implemented immediately, if not, tell them as soon as you get your 40 days in, you will file so many grievances, it'll take them a week to read them all. Remember... Don't take no for an answer!!
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    When do you give your opinion at a safety meeting and if you do when did they start listening to them
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    In my safety meetings I talk about my bowel movements.
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    with a demonstration?
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    Ask them what kinds of opportunities there are in management.