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  1. randywilli

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    I have been at ups for five years now.After my first peak five people were rehired on the same day giving all of us the same seniority date. To determine who had more seniority our local said that we have to go by alphabetical last names.So Josh Adams has more seniority than Joe S even though they have the same date. Has anyone come across this at there center and if so what did your local to solve this?
  2. johnoutdoors

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    We have two drivers with the same date. If there is a dispute, they flip a coin.
  3. Brownsfan

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    Coin flip! And I won!
  4. lvgolfer962

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    along with 2 other drivers and myself we all have the same driving seniority so it then gets kicked down to building seniority. If there was still a tie after that ive heard it comes down to your last name in alphabetical order.
  5. randywilli

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    So who gets the full time job, or work that day as driver? I am a cover driver and this guy started driving 4 years after me and now he gets to drive before me.
  6. lvgolfer962

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    is cover driver a seniority position(have no clue) or are you still both using building seniority? if its building and hes got more, he gets the work unless you've work in a center where they use the contract to wipe their feet on as the come to work. Area knowledge can sometimes supersede seniority depending on who you are/how much the like you
  7. Brownsfan

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    Why wouldn't a flip off work? Take the four have them flip against one of the other 2, take the winners and have them flip against each other for 1 and 2, and do the same for 3, and 4. It's just like like bcs we need a playoff. I guess tgat makes to much sense. Nevermind
  8. Anonymous 10

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    In my local it comes down to who was interviewed first. There is a time punch and that's what they go by.
  9. TheKid

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    In my local it goes by your start time . . . seniority goes to the man with the earlier start time.
  10. Big Babooba

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    Poison darts at 10 paces.
  11. UPSGUY72

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    I talked to a driver that has been with UPS for 20+ years he said he got hired the same day that 5 other drivesr did they made them pick numbers out of a hat for there senority order.

    This practice varies all over the country. I know when I work at a paper mill before UPS it was determined by the time that punched in on your first day.
  12. soberups

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    Sounds like a perfect situation for rock, paper, scissors.
  13. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Whoever does the most work off the clock will get 1st choice by management.
  14. pickup

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    I would legally change my last name to Aaron if this is the case.
  15. Big Babooba

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    And I would change mine to Aadland!
  16. lvgolfer962

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    It would be work in my favor, mines J and the two others are P and R. But they both have building seniority so its not an issue
  17. menotyou

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    I got screwed by the last name game. Its not a fair system. When we were hired, they said they would flip a coin. If they are talking, they are.................
  18. trplnkl

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    This is what they did for our 3 "Day One" drivers when they first opened our building. There was about 6 minutes separating the three seniority ranks.

    In this conference, we have FT cover drivers and PT cover drivers. With the FT they go by the first day worked as a FT cover driver. The PT is determined by whoever punched in first if the building seniority was the same day. Your union business manager has the correct answer for your area.
  19. jalnar

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    You are correct .On their first work date to gain senority the first person to punch the time clock will have top senority. Down the road at least one of you will be working in another building so it wont be as important as it is now
  20. randywilli

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    We work in an extended center so there will be no moving to another center. I told the hall I would change my name to aabott, and they said its not the name you hired on with. Another center in our district said it was whoever punched in first, we share the same local. I tried to argue that I started in november and that some of the other people started in december, that I have actually worked for the company longer but they said we all have the same new rehire date and that I need to suck it up. Anyone got a straw????