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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by aiian, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. aiian

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    I 'opted in' to the 9.5 a few weeks back and they worked with me for a week or two but last week that all went to :censored2:. I worked a little over 53 hours last week and have already hit 31.75 this week.

    Are there any 'sample' grievances out there I can look at? I'm relatively new to the grievance procedure and don't have all the lingo figured out.

  2. union4life

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    1. Get a blank grievance form and fill in your personal information.

    2. List the parties involved (for me, I put Center Management Team)

    3. In the brief description part, put the days you were out past 9.5 and the hours worked if you know them.

    4. List the Articles involved ( NMA #37) and your Supplement Article.

    5. State the outcome you would like to see. Company to honor contractual obligation, triple time pay for all hours worked over 9.5, and a review of dispatch adjustments to made in order to comply.

    Does that help?
  3. 728ups

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    If you dont file on this,prepare to get overdispatched EVERY day. Management will assume you arent serious about it.
    Be prepared to FIGHT over it. Management will claim you are running Over Allowed yada yada,but dig in,fight and Enjoy the money!
  4. Gumby

    Gumby *

    Also get ready for your three day Bullcrap ride! Atleast it will be the three easiest days you will have for awhile!!!!!!! Your sup will be very nice to you and hand pick your stops,get rid of bulk stops, and that last big pickup or two will end up on somebody elses route!!!!
  5. union4life

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    aiian, don't get discouraged. Remember, you will be over 9.5 either way (you might as well get paid the extra money). I keep trying to convince the driver on the route next to me but he just doesn't want to rock the boat.

    Some people don't want the "extra" attention that management will try to give. Maybe that is why he doesn't file. Me personally, I don't mind. I have nothing to hide.

    Follow all the methods (no matter what). Remember, you can't go wrong by doing right.
  6. aiian

    aiian Active Member

    I'm not concerned with the ride along. My on road knows the route is FUBAR and he can't do much about it, the center manager doesn't care.
  7. aiian

    aiian Active Member

    How is the complaint statement written?

    I worked over 9.5 on Monday (11), Tuesday (10.75) and so on?
  8. Gumby

    Gumby *

    Excessive overtime for the week of 03/25/2013 Adjustment requested.....Reduction in overtime penalty pay for excessive hours
  9. Brownslave688

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    Put the dates. Like 3/25,3/26, and 3/28
  10. stink219

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    Perfect. The more simple the better. Make sure you add "Make grievance whole."
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Shouldn't that be "make grievant whole"?
  12. danlin

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    Where is your union steward in all this? ..He/she should be helping you out especially if its your first time.
    By all means file. This gives other drivers a chance to work.
  13. stink219

    stink219 Well-Known Member

    yes, for some reason my iPad changes Grievant to grievance
  14. 728ups

    728ups offending people on the internet since 1995

    Our supes are so short handed now the 3 day ride has gone the way of the DoDo. They will ambush you with maps of your day,try to browbeat you into not filing,or use other methods of intimidation. I just smile and file
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    In my center if you go on the list they actually try and keep you under 9.5 most days. We have so many OT junkies that it's easy to accommodate the few drivers that are on the list. I'm in the mindset that I need to be stashing away all of the money I can just in case we go on strike. Going on the 9.5 list right now wouldn't be a smart move for me. But once the contract is settled.......I'm on it baby!
  16. East coast navy

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    This sounds good also put next too each date that you went over 9.5 the time you punched in too the time you punched out.
    Also when I did this it took 2 years for them to take some work off.
  17. 5yrssafedriver

    5yrssafedriver New Member

    unless youve been a split driver for 7 years and the labor manager tells you that "That part of the contract does not apply to you", Therefor, you have to work 59.5 hours a week and every 8hr request or option day you ask for is denied. 10 different routes in ten day always with more work than the bid driver and when you do complete you full days work. you have to go help with pick ups or deliveries, since your not back to building yet you have to work as directed. I believe split, coverage drivers should have a seperate contract because we all get pooped on
  18. local705

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    In previous years we had a center manager that tried to get us in under 9.5. Now we have this new guy that we call Captain cut a route. There is around 80 drivers in my center and alot of us have filed. Got to file in mass numbers if possible. cuts down on the managment bs.
  19. aiian

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    When I first got hired ('05) making 9.5 was a BIG deal. Now I'm an a-hole for just wanting to make it.

    Punched out at 2255 tonight.

    HOTELDUNORD New Member

    Above instructions are good. Don't add info other than hours worked. Keep it simple. I have filed often and above all be patient. Remember this IS NOT about your dispatch today and tomorrow but for the rest of your stay at UPS. After you work over 9.5 file your grievance. Do not wait for a hearing but instead keep filing for every week you work over. If they back off a couple of weeks...great, but as soon you work over again file again! Holidays, option days, funerals, jury duty, 8 hour requests are just some of the reasons you will hear why you had to work late... too bad they need to keep you under regardless. I can guarantee that if you keep filing and be patient you will win. After you succeed your work will shift to another driver this is where it is important to stick together!!!