Sandy Springs, GA: The city that outsourced everything

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by brett636, Apr 13, 2011.

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    Living in Indiana and seeing the benefits of some of the principles highlighted in this video I can tell you this is the best way to create a long term sustainable government. That is to delegate all but the most important services (police, fire) to private business. Its the only way to keep the tax payer burden low.
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    Tea-Bag heaven. Move there.
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    Sandy Springs is the city in which UPS Corporate Headquarters is located.
    It does seem to be working and one of the best things when financial woes hit, the city can reduce services.
    Sandy Springs was only recently formed (Dec 2005), separating from Atlanta-Fulton County government.
    They started from scratch and ran the city like a business instead of a government.
    Sandy Springs offers no pensions to any employees or elected officials.
    I think this will be the model of newly formed municipalities across the country ... and possibly for existing ones that go bankrupt.
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    Sure beats the pants off of the liberal utopia.
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    Didn't Bell, Ca go that route ?
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    It might work great there, but it's not garanteed to work everywhere.

    How many times have I heard on this site, that contracted Fedex drivers don't do a proper job, and even look filthy ?
    And they get what they pay for.

    I do agree city workers do earn a lot of money (but probably still below UPS wages), and money can be saved.
    So could UPS if they contracted out their delivery drivers.

    I wonder how well they did with the snow and ice removal there this year, since they don't own any of that equipment, and probably none of their contractors do.

    In a perfect world, you would have everyone working for a fair days pay.
    But, cost cutting measures, yup - subcontract, and let illegal mexicans work for the city. (as seen on the above video).
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    No one said it would work everywhere, but it is something to consider for smaller communities especially. I can see some huge obstacles for larger cities to try this.
    Why assume the worse case scenario, I bet Hoax can tell how they did on the snow removal ans why do you assume they don't have a contractor with proper equipment.
    There is no such thing as a perfect world on earth.
    Once again, you're making crap up. You have no idea, not one clue that anyone in the video was an illegal alien. I guess in your head all mexicans are illegal, hell that's not even an assumption in Tx or Az.
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    Sandy Springs was mentioned on tonight's NBC Nightly News for damage from a tornado. I would be curious to see how they respond to the damage with contracted services.
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    Fedex's use of contractors has been highly successful. And should we ever move to contracted city services around here, I'd be more than happy to jump in on the snow removal crew. Do you know the awesome pickup I could have with city money and only have to run it for work 50 times a year? Yeah, I'd take that money.
  10. Baba gounj

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    Sorry Big Babooba Enterprises has that snow removal contract, and they promise to be able to declare the city snow free by every August.
  11. bbsam

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    I can beat that by 2 weeks.
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    They have tons of cities that use some contractors for the extra snowfall days.
    Edmonton, just 3 years ago, used 30% of private contractors to remove snow.
    Now, it's down to 15% or close to that.

    The city had a few bad experiences, where the contractor(s), couldn't bring in their equipment on time (they were being used elsewhere).
    Not sure how much money you would earn, owing million dollar snow graters, that are used only 50 days per year.
    But, I'm pretty sure they can be used and adapted for summer construction jobs too.

    This is the equipment you'll need !

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    I'd be willing to bet bbsam doesn't need anyone to tell him what he needs to do the job. I'm sure he's seen that first hand.
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    Here we just use a VW with a push broom duct taped to the bumper.