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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by mikestrek, Sep 17, 2008.

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    hacking is also illegal.
  3. rod

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    If someone got into my email all they would get is the same old tired dirty jokes that go back and forth every day. That and maybe a Viagra ad or 2:peaceful:
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    That wouldn't make a difference.
  5. 705red

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    I feel bad for the person that has to explain this to mccain. Not only do they have to explain how it happened but trying to explain what emails are and a computer.
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    Changing your pw won't help. No one had to know her pw, they just needed to know her email address. Then you go to the "I forgot my password" link and enter the appropriate info which in Sarah Palin's case is probably all public record. Viola - pw reset.
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    It really wasn't smart on her part to have her email be
    The people on that did this are pretty notorious for identity theft.
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    LOL, Good point :happy-very:
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    This is OBVIOUSLY a Democratic plot to smear Sarah!!
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    One of many. The democrats are masters of preaching love while stabbing you in the back. :happy-very:
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    "but trying to explain what emails are and a computer."

    Red, it's been explained ,for years now, that McCain can't use a keyboard because of physical injuries, not because he doesn't know about the computer.
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    Yea, But Why was it so easy? Must be an inside job.
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    Yeah, I have noticed he can't raise his hnds over his head. I was wondering why McCain and Palin didn't raise there hands at the end of there convention. You know how the Prez and VP always raise there hand up together.
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    I don't know. I'm an Independent and from what I see both Demz and Repbubz both bash each other. What a waist of all of our time.
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    I really have not seen the republicans make any effort to smear Joe Biden. But look out Palin is getting the full effort of the democratic party and the biased media. I listened to some MSNBC last night and the slant on their news against McCain / Biden was incredibly biased. They must think their viewers are too stupid to see it.
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    Tie, those are opinionated commentary shows just as fox has, if you want a more republican slant on MSNBC I suggest you watch Morning JOE for all you smart guys:wink2: . I don't believe the reporting of the actual news in between those shows isn't any different than anyone else (with the exception of Matthews and Olberman reporting the RNC, but I can't blame them for getting sick to their I found it quite amusing though how the republicans attacked MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell with ballons at the closing of the RNC(bunch of clowns)
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    Now 705 that was pretty low. funny but low.:greedy:
    At least though Mccain admits economics arent his strong points, as pcs are not, he does understand about taxes. Listening to Joe Biden in Ytown Ohio last night Jay williams, THE MAYOR made his point for McCain in his first 4 remarks/
    1. She was a mayor af a small town that would fit in our chevy center......
    A center that cant get 9k people to come as it has been a democratic run town for 50 yrs, and no on works, duh. and it will fall by the wayside as did the mills because no one will come here fearing they will be shot on the way there.
    2. We have to face the reality of the real world, not the world she lived in. Wasiila had 2 murders in the last 13 years.
    Well we have had about 33 this yr, per capita very high. So Im guessing 2 in 13 yrs is a bad thing?
    3. The median wage for Wasilla is way above the median wage here, so that is a bad thing too?
    4. The price of a house in Wasilla is 200k, and YTown is maybe 10k, I guess thats bad too, hehe.
    Maybe its the difference in your leadership. I can only assume.
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    TIEGUY, Come on now, You haven't listend to FOX news lately, You know Shawn Hanity? MSNBC bashes McCain, Fox News n
    bashes Obama. Oh and remember Michelle Obama getting bashed by Hannity and Obama being labeled a Muslum. Both sides are IDIOTS TIEGUY. That's why I am now an independent, I had enough of both.