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  1. Peppermint Patty

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    Hi Guys,

    Quick question regarding Saturdays,

    Are Saturday Pickups considered extra work? As in the person with the greatest seniority who wants to do these awarded them?
  2. Gumby

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    Sorry,cant help you.
    Im sure somebody knows the answer.
  3. bleedinbrown58

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    Among the people who work Sat Air? Yes I would assume that it goes by seniority.
  4. Peppermint Patty

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    Correct, Among the people who work saturdays. In my building there are the exception drivers who work tuesday thru saturday and the bid drivers who work saturdays. I guess my question is do the exception drivers have the most seniority or right to those pickups as its there day compared to others who work monday thru friday and saturday is all extra work including deliveries.
  5. sortaisle

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    I...don't honestly know...I know during peak they can do pretty much whatever they want. I wouldn't even know where to begin contract wise. I'd ask your union rep. If you have a strong steward, ask him or call the area rep.
  6. Peppermint Patty

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    awesome, thanks I am the same as the rules with saturdays and they change alot I will ask my steward monday and see. I appreciate it.
  7. sortaisle

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    Good luck...come back with an answer when you get one...I'm interested in the outcome. I'm not a steward or even a backup steward, but I get asked a lot of questions because of my 18 wonderful years here and have been through a bunch of contract stuff. Rather...lets say that I like to be an informed union member. But yeah if you could post the results I'd appreciate it.
  8. Peppermint Patty

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    I definitely will. I have 11 years in and I also like to be informed. I just started air driving about 18 months ago and I know alot of people who just want to make there own rules so I will let you know Monday.
  9. sortaisle

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    Where I'm at we have a problem with both management and hourlies not following the contract. They use a lot of "past practice" which is in our supplement...however the master always supersedes all supplements and it's just easier for both sides if they follow the contract. Both sides signed the damn thing...ehffing use
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    Its probably a seniority based thing. Simply because whoever can do the job fastest is most likely the one with more seniority and experience driving. Maybe, maybe not.

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  11. Peppermint Patty

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    I completely agree with you. I have a hard time with those people who believe something is owed to them. The contract is stated for a reason. Saturdays in my center are always run differently depending on what manager is in charge. I am the type of person who isnt trying to take work away from anyone but it shoud also always be fair.
  12. Peppermint Patty

    Peppermint Patty Cardboard Pusher

    Yes I am thinking it is a seniority thing but I do want to make sure.
  13. barnyard

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    When I drove on Saturdays, our delivery area was divided amongst 5 drivers. If there was a pickup, the driver covering the area the pickup was located, picked it up. If it was a later pickup, the driver scheduled to run to the airport would pick it up.

    Drivers that are Tuesday-Saturday have rights to any extra Saturday work over a M-F person that is working Saturday as an extra, regardless of seniority. The exception, is when the Tu-Sa people start working on Monday too.
  14. Peppermint Patty

    Peppermint Patty Cardboard Pusher

    Thanks barnyard, I figured thats how it went it makes sense because its there normal day. I just wanted to double check on the rules and if seniority played a part in who got the extra work. Thank you.
  15. sortaisle

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    It's still probably different in each supplement and should be checked just to CYA.
  16. barnyard

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    Pretty sure it is in the National Master. I was hired as a M-F preloader and started driving Saturdays as extra work. 2 people were hired a year after me to work Tuesday-Saturday and were given extra work on Saturdays until they started working M-S (same as me), then I grieved them getting extra work over me, as they already had 5 punches. I won that grievance.
  17. sortaisle

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    I'm reasonably sure you were getting the sausage before. If they were hired as t-s as part timers, they don't get the "extra" work. They get to work, but don't get extra work. Were they laying you off? Or were you doing pickups or something and they took that from you? Even if they're t-s they're only guaranteed 3 hrs per article 40 and seniority applies.
  18. UnsurePost

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    T-S fulltime drivers get the pickups on Saturday here. Guaranteed 8.
  19. PT Car Washer

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    I don't think we are talking about FT drivers. Air drivers are not guaranteed 8 hours.
  20. Mugarolla

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    Article 40 Section 1 of the NMUPSA

    (1) To perform Saturday or Sunday air work the Employer and the

    Union recognize the need for air drivers other than those regularly

    scheduled. Qualified part-time employees who are interested in performing

    this work will so notify the Employer, be certified and be

    placed in seniority order on a posted qualified air driver list. Such

    work will be first offered in seniority order to employees on the

    qualified list who have not worked more than thirty-seven (37)

    hours in the current week. This work shall then be offered in seniority

    order to qualified part-time employees regardless of hours

    worked. If the scheduling needs still cannot be met, and additional

    employees are needed, the Employer may force qualified part-time

    employees in reverse seniority order.

    (2) These employees shall be paid at the air driver’s straight-time

    rate of pay in accordance with Section 6 below. Time and one-half

    (1-1/2) will be paid after eight (8) hours per day or after forty (40)

    hours per week.

    (3) All employees working as an air driver on Saturday or Sunday

    under this Section shall have a three (3) hour guarantee.

    (l) References in this Article to an air driver, part-time or full-time,

    include employees who on a scheduled basis, perform (1) only air

    driving work, or, (2) air driving work in combination with other bargaining

    unit work.