save the munchkins


A message to the drivers.
For those of you in central time,the new daylight savings makes things different this year.The sun goes down around 6:30 PM (18:30)for you military types,and the little buggers will be running out in front of your truck in a candy frenzy when you are trying to bang off all those resi's before you go back to the barn.Please be extra careful.Ok thats my halloween PCM .:devil:


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I always love working Halloween night. Go up to the door with a bunch of kids, yell "Trick or Treat!", give them their package, and get a bunch of candy!

It's also a day no-one will care how over-allowed you are. Be extra safe tonight!

(Guess I miss it this year....)

Big Babooba

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I had a cute kid come by last year dressed as a Pirate,I asked him where his fellow bucaneers were he told me under my bucanhat..........:biggrin: