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    So in our center past 2 weeks iv noticed people/me are being marked scheduled off for the entire week on Monday. now my question is does this qualify each day worked for overtime and if someone decided to not show up and had proof of them doing this via time card screenshot is this legit?

    it seems so odd and i cant imagine them forcing me in on my "scheduled day off" unless giving me overtime. seems like free overtime/days off to me
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    it’s a completely meaningless code, used as a catch-all for “no timecard (yet)”

    it could also mean their operating days aren’t set correctly, or that your PTM work schedule isn’t being uploaded correctly

    layoff 21 would have significance, but not a 26
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    hmm i thought it being the other way around

    Normally we have "No Card" until the we actually work or get change to layoff
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    Scheduled off is a dead day.