Scott?? Scott Price??? Are you out there? I think this is for you...


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Anyone remember "Strategic Process Redesign" about 20 years ago? Everything old is new again!:lol:



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There still in a Transformation Meeting.............
They are probably talking about how no one seemed to notice
that in 2023, in addition to the pension contribution ending, you cant earn
anymore DDB credits towards your Retirement Health Care.....

For your whole adult life "Here is what you will get"
Na we were just Clowning Around with you and your family for all those years...
Luckily for us he came from Wall Mart! Cuz ya know, we wanted the best to help our useless BOD "transform" us! Don't know about you, but this transformation has been great for moral, what, with all the excellent enhancements to our benifits.