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  1. zeromissed

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    Why do they take $150 initiation fee out on these employees before they are union? Not even knowing if they are keeping them. If this happens and they have 30 days in before labor day are they considered union?
  2. Ouch

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    Are they filling out a union sign up card?
  3. PiedmontSteward

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    Short answer: because locals in closed shop states can.

    Juicing seasonals for initiation fees is an awful :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ty practice. Hell, juicing regular part-time employees for $150+ in initiation fees is still pretty low. If a guy gets hired off the street into feeders or package car, then hitting them up for it isn't a big deal because they'll be making $18/hr out the gate and top out at over $33/hr with a guaranteed 40 hour work week. But nailing a PT new hire making ~$10/hour at 20 hours or less a week just makes us look bad.

    My local waives initiation fees for all newly hired PT'ers and charges a $20 initiation fee for post-seniority PT'ers signing union cards. You should consider raising the issue and trying to start a motion from the floor at your next union meeting if your executive board isn't responsive.
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  4. zeromissed

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    No sign up card
  5. zeromissed

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    Try 8.50 an hour with 14 hours a week
  6. Wally

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    Because we can!
  7. PiedmontSteward

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    Effective pay rate is $10/hr since August 1st. Once a PT'er attains seniority, they are guaranteed 17.5 hours a week (3.5 hours per day) barring a few exceptions such as working at an air hub.
  8. Anonymous 10

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    If you want to work at ups you have to pay an initiation fee. If you don't want to work at ups you don't.
  9. TheAsianLegend

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    At my hub we dont pay initiation fees, just union dues, which is 5 dollars every week out of your check
  10. zeromissed

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    It should be taken out after they are in the union. Just my opinion.
  11. cynic

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    Can you please tell me what is the exception at an air hub?
  12. BMWSauber1991

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    Top dog union representatives have to go on vacation to the Bahamas somehow, why not take it from people they don't even have to give benefits to?
  13. 728ups

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    I don't agree with that practice ,but I don't agree with Freeloaders and Scabs in RTW states not having to pay any dues yet still getting Union Pay/Benefits .I guess it balances out