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  1. City Driver

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    weve never had any security guards, except during the big strike back in the 90s, that was the only time i think there ever was any kind of security at all

    from reading on here it sounds like most of your terminals are secured by a guard and maybe gated in or whatever

    the reason i ask is because we have nothing to keep homeless people, vandals and theifs out of our yard at all.....there is an electric fence but anybody can walk right through either of the 2 gates, and we have had problems with homeless people camping out in trailers in the past

    some time last year a motorcycle was stolen around 3am, it belonged to a road driver.....the yard jockey came around the corner and spotted the guy right as he was getting on it, and he knew the road driver who owned it so he called police right away, said he would of chased him down if those jockey trucks went faster then 30 mph lol

    our terminal is on a shady side of town, inner city, alot of drugs and crime around, and i would like to see a security guard at the main driveway mainly to keep people away from our personal vehicles

    we also have a few cameras in the yard and employee parking lot but ive been told by the center manager nobody watches it unless there was an incident then they go back and watch them

    obviously it hasnt been a big enough problem for anything to be done about it, but since UPS has changed everything else about Overnite maybe it will happen someday

    so whats security like where you work and do you ever have any incidents?
  2. City Driver

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    also had a big problem with diesel fuel thiefs especialy when the prices were high

    theres absolutely nothing to stop somebody from driving in off the street and fueling up, all you have to do is turn a timer and your good to go, we had owner operator truck drivers do it and just people in diesel pickup trucks
  3. cachsux

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    And what? The homeless are complaining about the pee smell coming from the docks? What you could try is to urinate across the openings in the fence and around the fuel pumps and it could repel them,like dogs marking their territory.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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  5. shrimpfire

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    We had a radiator stolen out of one of our drivers car; ups will not do anything, and a tool bx stolen off another drivers truck, tough luck
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    Since when did UPS Centers become a barn now ?
  7. City Driver

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    since when did ups employees not know how to pick up boxes?
  8. Osprey413

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    Bigger buildings, like hubs and air gateways have gates and security checkpoints, some even have local police departments patrol the inside of the building.

    Smaller extended centers rely on local management for most security functions unless there are special circumstances (for example we have off duty constables control parking during the football season since our building is located next to the football stadium).

    Vehicles parked in UPS parking lots are not the responsibility of UPS. Park at your own risk, carpool or public transport if you don't want to risk it. We all know that UPS buildings are never in good neighborhoods, so theft from parking lots is fairly common.
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    City driver, you guys at ups freight handle tons of hazmat , right? I believe with all the homeland security laws, proper security of where hazardous materials are located is part of the law. If homeless people can get to where the trailers are, it sounds like the yard isn't secure and Achmed the dead terrorist can get to those trailers as well. As for a lot where just personal vehicles are located, tuff luck.
  10. bluehdmc

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    Goes back to when teamsters drove horses. (look at union logo)
    That's where they kept them.
  11. christian c

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    The dallas morning news called the area where my hub is the most dangerous area of dallas. Since I work on preload I usually see at least one or two prostitutes on my way to work. Security at the hub is a joke though, just one or two ladies gossiping not even paying attention to the metal detector that is constantly going off.
  12. christian c

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    forgot to mention a few weeks ago we had an employee leaving the twilight shift and was shot at with a shot gun in a random drive by while pulling out of the parking lot! security had no clue how to respond
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    RPG would have been appropriate.
  14. cosmo1

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    What is this "security" you speak of?
  15. iowa boy

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    Was kinda wondering the same thing? We, the employees, are the security for our building. Its funny though, the new fedex ground building here in town has an 8 foot tall chain link fence with the angled barbed wire on top,(but no security guard though), and we have a large open lot and building within 100' of a busy rail line.
  16. Mike23

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    Alright, I know I'll be razzed about this one but it was the only job I could get at the time! I worked security for about a year. Security IS a joke. I'm sure there was a time when it wasn't but now security guards are told during training, 'not to react to ANYTHING. Takes notes and call the police' Half the security guards don't speak english, and the other half could be running UPS in a few years because they just stood there drooling.

    Most of them are paid minimum wage or just above minimum wage. If there's a complaint about them they're taken off the site and given a new site. Nobody WANTS their job it just exists for insurance reasons, that's all.

    If you're to have a security guard hire them from within. Internal security means you can train, pay AND allow security to do what YOU want them to do. The only downside to this is that the company tells them to turn a blind eye to a lot of things instead of properly reporting it.
  17. dilligaf

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    We really don't have any issues with security. We share a lot with a storage rental facility. It is gated and there is someone on the property 24 hrs a day. The owner of the storage facility lives on the premises. The owner make sure all gates are locked, except one that we use as an ingress/egress at night. That gate gets locked by our night sup when he leaves. We have no security guards to deal with coming and going. :happy-very::happy-very::happy-very:
  18. Baba gounj

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    this thread was started as a joke, right.
    people getting min wage, english speaking not required,
    no actual training,
    no concept of what to do,
    nor how to do it.
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    Thanks,I couldnt figure out why nothing was coming out and i believe you just solved my problem.

  20. soberups

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    Our "security" consists of an unarmed, elderly man who sits in a "guard shack" that is basically an oversized phone booth. There is a metal detector; but since the walls and doors of this structure are made of metal, the detector goes off randomly and whenever the doors are opened or shut.

    Every couple of years, there will be a new "flavor of the week" where LP decides that everyone needs a sticker on their cell phone, so the guard will start checking everyones phone and it becomes a real pain in the ass for a week or two until they quit worrying about it.