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    just wanted to ask if any of the other centers/hubs have the same policy...please refrain from laughter as this is real.....for nearly the last yr. in fact it was instituted the first weekend after hurricane katrina (even though we are thousands of miles away) that theft of diesel would be rampant.......... so on fri. nites all feeder tractors are literally crammed into the center of the bldg. and the yard blocked off w/ trailers....... so on mon. morning, an hr. before the start of the pre-load (0315) the ft shifter/feeder driver and I spend our time moving the 25 or so tractors back out into the actually works out well for me because I am also denied any ot so I'm done by 1145...... woo hoo.........
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    No, they just lock the gate, we have a security guard and I haven't heard of any type of fuel thefts. No tractors are parked inside the Hub. The only fuel stolen is in the employee's gastank when their cars get stolen out of the employee's parking lot. There are certain places you just don't park.:sad:
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    Security guard?

    That would interfere with the kids that ride their go carts around the building on the weekend and I am not joking!

    They do put locks on the trailers here though.....
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    Its not the fuel they are worried about losing. Its a MUCH bigger risk than that. In the wrong hands think of what a UPS package car could be filled with or a trailer being pulled by a UPS tractor. Think of the access UPS vehicles are given everywhere and consider what, in todays world, someone could do. Its a MUCH bigger concern than fuel if you catch my meaning.
  5. gate ? OPEN

    security ? ASLEEP USUALLY

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    Our center has recently been a little tighter with security lately.

    We know close the gate on one side of the building, but leave the other one wide open. We have absolutely no security on site. Lately we all had to sign a document stating that we are to challenge somebody that we don't recognize, and to always ask vendors and contractors for their identification.

    It's rather pathetic if you ask me. It would cost them 8 dollars an hour to hire a rent-a-cop to sit in a little shack and control access to the building. As much as they preach about security, you'd think they'd spend an extra 8 bucks an hour.
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    We have a guardshack, and we go through a metal detector going in, and going out, anf have to open our bags.
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    Ditto for Burtonsville Md plus there was barbed wire on top of the fence.
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    A couple of years ago we started parking trailers to block off the yard so nobody can get access to the area where our tractors are kept, this is only done on Friday nights and the feeder driver that works on Sunday night has to move them to get his loads out, no gates or security guards here. Wily, how big is Burtonsville as we have several trailers per night that have that as thier destination and we are a fairly small center with under 30 package car routes and just shy of 20 feeder routes.
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    For security reasons....I wont say where I am, but we have about 200 package car routes. I have no idea on the feeder runs
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    Most buildings should have security procedures in place to prevent the theft of tractors and trailers and to block access to the building. Most have security to block everything in on the weekends. The theft of a UPS tractor trailer could be a terrific way for terrorists to gain access to an important target.
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    X-When I left a year ago Burtonsville was running over 300 pkg car runs in 5 centers and I don't know how many feeder runs. It is a major hub.
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    I think we have two or three gates, but I only go in and out one since I am not a driver. They have a guardshack with a metal detector that we have to go through to leave. I am not sure if the other two are even manned with guards.
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    security?? whats that?? Maybe if our small bldg had some security, we could feel a little relaxed while performing our jobs..Not out on route worrying what punk is busting out our windows and stealing our stereos and such out of our cars!!
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    xkingx- we have a guardshack with 3 guards 24/7. Our parking lot is a hot spot for car thefts, and breakin's. The guards do not patrol the parking lot or have any desire to. They and UPS loss prevention state that it is not their responsibilty. They do however have time to make us take off our boots when leaving work for the day, when our steel toes set off the scanner. Or root through our lunch buckets in the am. when coming to work.
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    We have a 6 ft chain link fence around most of the property including the employee parking lot. It open to the street though. Here the funny thing - the razor (barb wire) at the top is angled into the employee area instead of out. :lol:
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    Thats because they cant get any more new hires! LOL
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    are there any signs posted stating that theyre not reliable? Wonder if theres a chance of taken them to small claims to collect back the amount of money us employees have to fork out for our deductibles..
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    xring and outta hours,
    are you serious? UPS does not reimburse employees for the damage to their cars on UPS's lot? Please tell me you are joking!!!!
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    Even with signs posted, that does not mean they are not. Take walmart, they post signs that they are not responsible for baskart damage. But that does not make it so. All that does is deter the timid from even asking.