Seniority, and going FT.

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    So how does going FT work? I know it's based on seniority, but can they skip over you if they don't think you can handle it or just hate your face? In my center almost none of the PT's want to drive so I'm hoping I won't need to wait 5 years to go full time but I want to know that if someone has less seniority than you, can they bump you? Another question is do they hire a strict 6:1 ratio every year or is just by needs of the center how many spots open?
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    They hire when the need arises. They take the top seniority person that signs the bid, then you have to pass the 30 day probation, which is up to them, if you pass or not. They have to give top person the chance to qualify.
  4. Undertow82

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    Thanks for the info. Say they have the top guy that signed and 3 other people, myself included, 1 person below me in seniority. Would I need to worry about the person below me?
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    No you have more seniority ,right
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    This is all hypothetical. In just trying to figure out how it works. So does anyone know if they do a strict 6:1 ratio yearly? Or can they go 2 to 3 years without adding a new driver?
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    They only hire as needed-------the 6:1 is the ratio that they have to follow when filling these vacancies, which need not be on an annual basis.
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    Thanks for the info.
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    They cannot pass you over simply because they don't like you; however, they are often tougher on those that they don't like (during the 30 days) in the hopes that they will not qualify.