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    is there seniority in pt management? Im in college and there is going to be a lot of turnover in the next couple of years and i was wanting to drive at the center I'm at. I'm 21 yr old, so if i started out driving by the time I'm 23 it would be sweet. The reason why i asked this question is because there is an older man that is in pt management with me and he said that he was thinking about it and said since he had seniority on me he would go before me. is this correct? because i was told that seniority doesn't matter in management by a lady in HR.
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    If you are a PT sup (if that's what you mean by management) neither of you would be next.
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    I'm sure seniority doesn't matter in management with respect to staying in management. Now if you think you can just take the next driving job that comes along you would be mistaken. The company needs to hire from within on a 6 to 1 ratio. The one is for an outside or off the street hire, which can also be a transfer ( union employee). I have heard of management (part time) that have quit and got rehired into an hourly position though.
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    Next outside hire is what I meant. I understand the 6:1 deal
  5. Wally

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    Serfs have no senority.
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    Is this thread about a Señor in management?
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    Of course it does when it comes to picking vacation weeks.
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    But minions do?
  9. Johney

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    Please, that's all we have.
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  11. Brownslave688

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    I wouldn't exactly bank on that happening.

    Why did you go into management if you wanted to drive?
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    As a PT Sup you have no rights to a drivers position including the 1 in the 6:1 inside to out hire ratio. So is no PT SUP seniority list for wanting to be a FT driver. The last time a PT Sup became a FT driver in my area was over 10 years ago. These days almost all of 1 in the 6:1 ratio are off the street casual drivers that have proving themselves over a couple of years driving as casual.

    I'm sure someone told you that if you became a PT Sup you would get a FT driver position quicker. Well guess what they lied to you.
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    In my area we don't use casual drivers so almost every 1 hire in the 6:1 hires is a PT sup. They won't let our PT sups become FT sups until they drive FT.
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    I n my building we would not have any FT sups if we followed that rule.
  15. EasyTrucker

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    Isn't it funny how differently this company is run depending on where in the country you are???
  16. 1989

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    20 years ago pt sups went driving on "merit". When you have 30+ pt sups on all shifts it's difficult to come up with a consistent metric. So they established a seniority list
  17. They kind of do this in my area. After you go to driving school they send you to a different center and have you drive for a month or so.

    I wouldn't bank on a driving position as a sup. They invested time into training you to do your job. If you're good at it, they aren't going to want you to go drive. And if you're bad at it they still don't want you to drive because they'll think you can't do it. You should have stayed an hourly if you wanted to drive. Jumping to management to try and get a leg up is just not a good idea.
  18. ManInBrown

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    The chances of you ever driving are slim to none. And slim just walked out the door. That's the trade off you made to get that extra buck an hour assuming you were a package handler. We had about 10pt sups driving at peak. All thought or hoped they were getting driving jobs. All were wrong. Not a one. They are all back as pt sups.
  19. PT Car Washer

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    May give one of them a leg up on a FT sup promotion. Maybe.
  20. ManInBrown

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    Yes. Exactly. But thats not what the majority of them were looking for. They wanted to drive