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    I have a question. Is a laid off driver's seniority being violated if they bring back junior guys who opted to work in the hub instead of taking layoff before they bring back guys who took the actual layoff?
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    Absolutely! Doesn't matter if you're laid off or filling in 1-2 p/t jobs in the hub. Seniority is the key! They MUST call senior f/ters first. BUT...!

    DID they actually get phone call? It's happened here. Seniors DID get phone call and either didn't take the call or refused the call. Company knows (or, I should say, MUST know by now) that they have to have a witness that they called you.

    Again, is this the full story here? Are you the affected senior employee or getting info second, third or fourth hand? I'm not dissing you here but I've learned not to believe the whole story until it comes out of first person.
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    Here you have to wait two weeks before you return form lay off after receiving the letter!

    And to answer your question absolutely! Seniority prevails in all insatnces!
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    I have another question.......

    I have been with UPS for 15 years now and am currently thinking about calling it a career. I know I'm not at the age to retire or have enough years in to receive a full retirement pension but will I be getting ANY kind of a check for the years I do have vested???
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    Yes! and Yes!

    You should be vested after 5 years. Law was changed a few years ago from 10 to 5.

    Get with your local and send off letters to both UPS and Central States or whatever non-UPS fund you are a member of. Request your pension information.

    Both will pay you something at 65. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the info Braveheart
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    We currently have 39 feeder drivers that are laid off from the feeder dept. Most of us have bumped into the hub but several chose to take the actual layoff for various reasons. The company met with the BA, Chief Steward and another steward on Monday and the BA and top labor guy agreed that the drivers that took layoff would only be called back after everyone else. That didn't go over too well so this has been modified. Now the guys that are actually laid off are being told that during the free periods they will be called back in seniority order. Anything outside the free period they won't be called unless all the guys in the hub work first. I still think it's a pretty raw deal but they are being told that they don't have to call them back for temporary work, (i.e. the spike in vacations for Easter).
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    The trouble with this is, bub, is that too many people are making deals. We have the same thing here. Nobody wants to follow the rules or past practice. Sometimes, not always, the union's hands are tied when you can't get drivers to cooperate. Exam:

    I can see in your centers case (as well as here), that you say that ALL laid-off drivers will be called back first, in order of seniority, you get some, if not ALL drivers saying,"I don't want to come off unemployment just to work one week or one day". Or, "I made arrangements with the family next week because I thought I was laid off".

    We got em, BOY do we got em! "I don't want to work THIS week." "I don't want to work Tues-Sat." "I don't want to work just 3 days a week." I could go on and on about what I've heard and seen here. Again, this may or may not be the case here, but I surmise it could be.

    How many of these 39 laid-off drivers went to the last general membership meeting? How many of these 39 laid-off drivers have actually filed for unemployment (if you can in your state, you can here)? How many of these 39 laid-off drivers have or will file a grievance when legally wronged? How many of these 39 laid-off drivers actually WANT to work?

    I understand what you're saying and where you're coming from because I've seen it here all-too-often. I'm betting that not all 39 drivers are on the same page as you are.
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    Yep, you're right for the most part. Some of the guys would say they didn't want to mess up their unemployment, but they are the minority here. The problem is they would still have that option because a short term recall is not an official recall from layoff. At least that is what we're being told. As far as the monthly meeting, situations like this are about the only way to get people to show up. That is unfortunate.