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    I have a question about how seniority works. I looked at a few other thread via the search function and didn't see the answer for the type of situation I am in, and my steward doesn't know the answer either.

    When a person moves to a PT driving position is their seniority calculated from the time they begin driving or from when they started at UPS? I ask because I am getting no work on some days this week, while another guy who has been driving for less time gets work. He has been with UPS for longer (sorter for many years) than I have, but I have been driving at least 1 year longer than him. Who has more seniority in terms of being assigned driving work?
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    Your seniority is counted from your hire date. Since you are both qualified to do the same job, he outranks you.
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    Bummer, thanks.
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    speaking of seniority, im about to hit my 2.5 years of driving. Im still under the old contract that states; it takes 2.5 to make top pay, correct?
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    The answer can vary depending on local or supplemental language. If your steward doesn't know, he should ask a BA and get you an answer. Ask him to show you the Article in the contract. Where I am part time air drivers are in a classification of their own and are bid on by pt seniority. At which time a pay progression begins and you are awarded work by your time in that classification.

    So now you have heard both answers and learned a valuable lesson. Never bank on the advice of anybody on this site without verifying it with your local steward or business agent. We are subject to numerous regional and supplemental agreements with differences in language.
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    does it work for cover driving too ?