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    Hi I am a p/t loader and I have worked @ ups for about 1 year and 1 month. Getting straight to the point, can my supervisor send someone with lower seniority home before me? I've expressed my discontent with wrapping up with him a couple of times. Ive wrapped up for a majority of my time at ups because my previous supervisor told me that I had the lowest seniority. I am now the 2nd highest seniority on my belt and he sends a lower seniority person home before me. He stated " well part of it is about seniority.. theres other factors involved" and "Its for the belt cohesion (teamwork)" but he didn't elaborate further.

    If he's supposed to let me go home before lower seniority people, then what can I do about it?

    Please and thank you for answers
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    In the past, that whole "FOR THE GOOD OF THE COMPANY LINE" was used way too much when it came to a cover driver taking an open route when they (Management) wanted someone with less time who was better on that route "RUNNER" to do it that day! cant lie it did work in my favor 1 day, even though I was no runner the other driver was a snail!
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    You have the right to work not the right not work. They can ask if someone wants to go home or they can just send the lowest seniority guys home first.
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    Check your contract again. Article 44 sec 1. Seniority will prevail in all instances.
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    Hi. I accessed the brown cafe "teamsters national master agreement" pdf, but ,when I looked at article 44 sec 1, it was about 70lbs and over boxes.

    Well, if all else fails, I'll take a passive aggressive approach to the situation.
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    Again you have the right to work not to not to work. example 1. If they lay people off they start from the bottom they don't ask from the top.

    We covered this subject before.
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  7. UPSGUY72

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    You could always just say to your SUP. "Hey if you need someone to go home early I will."

    We covered this subject before if you do a search you might be able to find more opinions on it.
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    You're right. You have the right to work, not the right to go home. In my hub, they ask people with highest seniority if they wanna go home out of respect but they don't have to.
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    in my local there is a past practice clause, i would check to see if your local has the same thing. If you do, I would then file on it.
  10. gman042

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    Seniority protects your right to work. Lower seniority is sent home if the work is not available.
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    Alright, thanks. Its just weird from a business point of view. Don't they want to pay their employees as least as possible? Since I get paid more, the longer they keep me, the more money they lose versus if they made a lower paid person stay. Well, Thanks again.


    Ups will trip over a hundred dollar bill to save a buck at times. Makes no sense but get used to it. Take the money while you can.