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    I was hired and started October 21st. I worked 7 days before November 1st, when the "free period" began. I work in Philadelphia Metro but unlike the Central Supplement the Metro Supplement doesn't go into any detail of what date I start counting or in my case continue my 30. The Central Supplement says after the 2nd full week of January. But the Philadelphia Metro Supplement doesn't have any information related to this subject.

    Does anyone know if I would continue my 30 after the 2nd full week or after the 1st of January?

    I need 24 days to get Seniority...
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    It needs to be in a 90 day period so your pretty much reset at this point.
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    Vote no
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    Call your local union office for your local and ask your BA.
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    All the information your looking for is located in Article 67 Section 1. of your supplement.

    I high lighted a section as I read it you could still be considered a seasonal and they could let you go.

    "Time worked from November 1 through
    December 31 of each year shall not accrue toward seniority. Any employee,
    who is retained after December 31 or recalled within sixty (60) days after
    December 31, must work thirty (30) days in a ninety (90) consecutive
    day period commencing with the first (1st) day worked after December
    31. However, those employees hired prior to November 1 and retained
    after December 31
    , will retain credit for the number of days worked prior
    - 1 -to November 1. These days retained will count towards the thirty (30)
    days worked in a ninety (90) consecutive day period commencing with
    the first day worked after December 31."
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    So if he is retained he will get credit for time served, sorry(days worked) and will need 24 days worked before April 1st. Starting January 1st.
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    Thank you :-)
  8. I know it's different in a lot of places. But I know we were letting drivers qualify during the freeze. Not sure about hourlies though. This is the Central though.
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    You were not "letting" drivers qualify during the freeze, there is no free period for part timers going full time in the Central. The free period only applies to seasonal employees, not probationary employees.

    A PT employee qualifying for driving is never a seasonal employee. He is a probationary FT employee. All days worked count toward seniority.
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    When I looked at article 67 section 1 of metro philly supplement it looks a lot different than this. Where did you find this?
  11. MyTripisCut

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    Never mind it was article 46. Found it. Sorry
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    Anyone have a link to the Metro philly supplement, because I don't see this in the one on teamsters website, the one I downloaded had only 4 pages.. I can't find this language in that one..
  13. FiXiE.GuRL

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    Okay never mind I found it, they must have finally updated the supplement for my area.

    Now it's the full supplement before it was only 4 pages lol...
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    Yeah, depending on the website, the copy that pops up can be an update-only version to the previous contract, showing only the changes, instead of the complete version.
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    You have salaried drivers?
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    I was wondering if I read that like you did. I was going to ask for an explanation.
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    After I read it a couple times, I imagine he meant inside people as "hourlies".