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    When you transfer from center to center, how does your seniority transfer over? According to the master agreement, I see it says UPS Seniority stays but position seniority gets "end tailed"? What does that mean? Just curious...
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    Here in the central region when you transfer, you keep your company seniority for the amount of time off you get, but you lose your building seniority as to when you get to choose when you want off. In other words when you transfer to the new center, you are the last to choose your time off, but still get to keep all of your vacation time accrued.
  3. smokey0810

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    That's what I thought, but one of our manager's seems to think otherwise...Thanks
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    It varies region to region. Your district may be completely different, as mine is completely different. Here, as a FT employee, you can move between 5 buildings and keep company, FT, and all seniority rights.